Students smiling as they leave Haslam Business Building

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Supply Chain MBA

Within 2 months, more than 3500 clicks brought visitors to the website from Google AdWords at an incredibly low cost per click of $1.53 (36% below the national average). Yielded a 1.51% conversion rate for the Global Supply Chain application process. Resulted in one of the lowest bounce rates for any advertising programs in the University system.

Winning Campaign

Our PPC advertising for the Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville won an American Advertising Award in 2018.


Many forces are driving transformation in the automotive industry. Each brings complex and unique challenges and burgeoning opportunities for growth.

Average click-through rate of 1.94%

The Masters of Science in Business Analytics program sought additional avenues to draw in potential candidates. PPC advertising efforts contributed to 17% of total applications submitted to the program.

Haslam College of Business exterior view

Haslam College of Business

Within the first three months of running Facebook Ads, we drove over 3,000 clicks to the University of Tennessee's Master of Science in Business Analytics program at an average cost per click of $0.27. In 9 months, we generated 9,403 link clicks with a monthly budget of $225. Utilized the Facebook Pixel to remarket to previous website visitors, bringing cost per click to a low of $0.15.