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SEO Strategy is Everyone’s Job

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Every member of your organization should be part of the SEO strategy.

I will say that again. Every member of your organization should be part of the SEO strategy. I know this sounds sort of ridiculous, after all, this is why there are SEO agencies and SEO consultants (like me).  But I’ve seen when every member of an organization is involved in SEO at some level, brands win. Companies win. Customers win.

Here’s what I mean:

  • It starts in the C-suite (or with the owners in small business). They need to be on-board with the idea that SEO is a priority. They need to embrace digital strategy and understand that it is something to promote and encourage.
  • The marketing department is fundamentally a part of the SEO process needs to make their requests to other departments, understanding that they may not understand SEO and they need to be clear.
  • IT and development teams need to be open and upfront with the marketing department about their needs, their communication requests, their limitations and timelines.  Oftentimes we see a breakdown in communication between dev teams and SEO/marketing teams.
  • PR teams should talk to the marketing and SEO teams about how to optimize their releases for digital.  They should also provide links for all press releases and other media for marketing teams to use in their digital marketing materials and to monitor through analytics and SEO reporting.
  • Writers and content teams need to be consistent with each other in brand messaging to reinforce keywords, content themes, and demonstrate consistency. SEO specialists should also train the writers in how to write for the web and adapt their processes to encourage user experience and keyword focus.
  • Customer service and sales teams need to work with the SEO team to talk about what feedback they’re getting from customers. What problems can they solve? How can they make the customers’ lives easier or better? When you interact directly with the teams that work with your customer on a daily basis, you get a better understanding of what types of content will be useful, what format they want to receive the content, and more.

I could go on and on. Companies need to work together; teams need to work together. SEO is a priority for every level of a business. In small businesses, there aren’t separate teams for SEO, PR, content creation, sales, and customer service.  However, it still means that the different focuses, roles, and approaches all need to be thought about in terms of SEO.  When SEO becomes a priority for multiple levels of the business, that is when you experience significant growth.