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SEO: Why Your Website Needs It

SEO is somewhat of a mystery to many people. The word gets thrown around an awful lot — and many times incorrectly. Some people think that it is a magic formula for dominating the search engine results, and that if they invest, they’ll wake up the next day at the top of page one. Other people are more skeptical, because the reality is that SEO does take awhile to yield results. In fact, many experts believe that it can take as long as 6-9 months for your SEO efforts to really start giving you some ROI. So then why should you invest in SEO?

Well the fact of the matter is that search engines, as sophisticated as they may be, are incapable of reading websites like humans. And since websites are made by humans, we can find ourselves in a bit of a technological pickle. You may see where I’m going with this: SEO helps bridge the gap by telling the Google bots what your content does and says, so that it can be indexed properly. If you post a beautiful picture of a cocktail that your restaurant created, how is the search engine supposed to know what the picture is of, and how will it know when to show it to users searching for cocktails?

Web designers are not marketing experts. While a designer can build you a beautiful website, they typically aren’t trained to optimize your website to be crawled and indexed by search engines. We have seen many instances where companies have a gorgeous website, full of great content, and they are completely invisible online. How can this be? And why would they pay for SEO when they just had this beautiful website built?

Well the answer is simple: you should invest in SEO so that your beautiful and amazing content can be read and indexed by the search engines, which will in turn help you to start showing up higher and higher in the search results.

If SEO takes so long to take effect, why not utilize a more instant-gratification approach like PPC through Google AdWords? You may have heard that, depending on your budget, you can be on page one with PPC in as little as a day. So why wouldn’t you go with that? The short answer is that while the results are nearly instantaneous on PPC, once you decide to turn off your account, the content you had been using (i.e. text ads and display ads) is gone. Whereas if you invest in SEO, that content you create and post will be there forever, continually helping your site.

PPC is an expense (a valuable one). SEO is an investment. Once you spend your PPC budget, it’s gone. SEO is an investment. The content created during an SEO campaign, such as blogs and infographics, will stay on your site for as long as you keep them. This content will be continuously crawled by the search engines and help aid in your keyword rankings. Other SEO work such as meta tags and image tags will tell the search engines what is on each page or image, and will help show your content to the most relevant audiences.

If that sounds like something you would like for your website or blog, check out our SEO services page, and get in contact with us so we can help improve your digital presence.