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Should Your Business Still Be on Facebook?

With new social media platforms, like TikTok, and ‘prettier’ or ‘fancier’ platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, we receive questions on the value of Facebook in 2021. Some clients wonder if they should still be on it or put that energy and effort into a newer or different platform. Our answer, pretty much across the board, would be YES, stay on Facebook. 

We’re on Facebook for almost every social client we have, and we’re definitely on it for ourselves. Facebook is still the most used social media platform out there, and it’s the third most used website in the worldfollowed only by Google and YouTube. There are 2.74 billion active users each month, and it’s the only platform in the world that reaches more than half of all social media users at 59%. 

So when asking yourself if you should continue to implement Facebook into your social media marketing strategy, the answer will be a resounding yes 99% of the time. With more than half of the world’s population using Facebook day in and day out, you are very likely to reach your target audience when posting with a purpose. There are, of course, certain best practices to keep in mind, but when you implement the proper social media strategy, Facebook can be your best friend. And the best part is that you can do all of this without any additional budget

Organic social media are the posts, videos, memes, and pictures that stay on your page (owned media, if you’re learning about marketing). When new or current customers go to your Facebook page, they can scroll back to posts you’ve made the last few weeks or months and even check back years if they wanted to. This can show how your brand has changed and adapted over time, but it can also show how you’ve stayed the same. Yes, you may have updated your fonts and slightly changed your colors, but when your authentic brand has always shown through the changes and updates, your customers will note that. People like to connect with companies they feel an attachment to, so if you can continue to prove that, you are opening the door for new customers and staying true to your current ones. 

Some of the main benefits we see with the use of organic Facebook are:

  • It’s an easy way to share information or updates about your business
  • You can share pictures, videos, and more of your business and products/services
  • Keep in contact with current and new customers
  • Provide fast and efficient service
  • Raise brand awareness through word of mouth advertising
  • You provide validation that yes, you are an actual company
  • Facebook is a free or low-cost way to get your brand out in the digital world

The last note here is so essential – Facebook is free. While the world is turning into more of a “pay to play” model, there are still uses and ways to run your business without spending a dime. If you have the extra budget, we recommend running Facebook ads or using a small budget for boosting. Facebook’s targeting is the best out there, and it can get granular. There are so many benefits to Facebook ads that I will follow up with a blog about it next month. Stay tuned for that and let us know if you need help incorporating organic Facebook into your marketing strategy in 2021 and beyond. 

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