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Snapping Photos and Stealing Hearts to Help Knoxville Win Big

As avid farmers market attendees and lovers of all things green in Knoxville, Smarter Searches is excited to announce that we’ve helped Knoxville’s Market Square Farmers Market win the #MoretoMarket Instagram contest! Hosted by the Farmers Market Coalition, a national and non-profit organization aimed at developing and growing farmers markets everywhere, the #MoretoMarket Instagram contest was created to “inspire a wave of curious followers to get out and see what the market hype is all about!”

Inspire they did! The contest received over 1,000 submissions, all of which contained a person (or puppy) adorned with temporary “I Heart Farmers Markets” tattoos. Deciding on the winning photo took much deliberation, but the Farmers Market Coalition ultimately decided that our entry “stole [their] hearts from the gate.” Our winning photo features our CEO’s son happily laughing with flowers in one hand and the required tattoo on the waving palm of the other. Completely candid, this photo captures the spirit of our beloved Market Square Farmers Market.  

With the winning photo, Market Square Farmers Market received a canopy package from Canopies by Fred. As for us? We were able to share our love for our hometown farmers market on a global platform. AND, we received a pretty cool tote from Market Square Farmers Market too! If you haven’t already, check out our winning photo on Instagram by following @smartersearches, but please don’t miss the other winning contestants at Farmers Market Coalition’s #MoretoMarket Instagram Contest Winners page.

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