how to optimize google+ social media
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Missed something from our Google+ video? No problem. I’m here to give you the rundown so you can apply these helpful tips to your Google+ page.

Let’s get this out of the way: Google+ IS valuable. So valuable, in fact, that we believe it is a current necessity for businesses competing in a digital world. It wasn’t meant to compete with Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, or any other social-friendly platform that tickles your fancy. Being connected through Google+ directly impacts your search engine results. If you use Google+ for nothing else, use it as a nice little SEO lift.

Think of it this way: Google has the ability to crawl through all of your digital data with THEIR algorithms. They can check in on who you’re friends with, what content you like, what you’ve shared, reviews you’ve written, and much more. To put it plainly, Google knows EVERYTHING (whether you like it or not!)

Using all of this to their advantage, Google is able to accurately rank your website and gauge its authority on specific topics. It also allows your customers to see more relevant advertising based on their data gathering. After all, you’re on Google’s search engine, using Google’s product, owned by Google, programmed by Google, and translated by Google. If you look at it that way, Google+ absolutely matters.

As I mentioned previously, Google+ is not a social media platform. It’s not even pretending to be. When people first went on Google+, they viewed it as a massive disappointment. Where’s the constant flow of information like Facebook? Where is the clutter of pictures from friends continuously posting? How do I customize it to make it my own? Google+ seemed like it should have been a social media platform, but it didn’t truly feel social.

That’s because at this particular moment in time, Google+ is more suited for businesses trying to achieve visibility and to be current. It impacts your search engine result without you even realizing it. When you click on a map listing, when you click on on the hours for a business in the right sidebar of the search results, even when you create a Gmail account, it all ties into Google+. This means your business needs to stay on top of optimizing its Google+ page. Need help? Here are three quick steps to help you manage your page:

  1. Claim and Optimize Your Page.  Add relevant contact information, descriptions of what you do, images, and video. Personalize your timeline image and profile picture. With your Google+ page and profile optimized, you have laid the groundwork and put yourself in a good position for the future.
  2. Effectively Format and Post Your Social Content. Share content that your followers would find useful, interesting, and beneficial. Actively participating and sharing content on Google+ is the key to long-term success. The goal is to make sure that your posts stand out from the crowd. Use hashtags, pictures, videos, long posts – Google+ can accommodate them all.
  3. Drive Reviews to Your Page.  Get your customers to leave reviews and respond to them. Have a positive review? Thank them for their support. Negative review? Apologize and give them the opportunity to change their mind. There is a direct correlation with your position in the search results and how it impacts your bottom line. When you have a large number of reviews, especially positive ones, you are much more likely to be positioned higher in the local search results. Plus, there have been numerous studies that have proven that for every star you increase your average review, you increase your sales 10%!

There you have it. Those are the Smarter Searches 3 easy steps to help you manage and optimize on Google+. Like this blog post? Go ahead… write us a sweet review on our Google+ page, we won’t stop you. 🙂  Also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more videos!


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