Social Media: Google+

Gender Breakdown:

Male – 63%
Female – 37%

Usage by Income Level:

google plus google+ usage by income level chart








Activity Level:

  • Inactive Users: 83%
  • Active (Frequent) Users: 17%

# of Users: 400 million+
625,000 users are added each day

Top Take Aways:

The average Google+ user is a male, 28-35, making 30-80k a year, and has at least some college education.  For brand marketers, Google+ has incredible reach to the young, male-dominated tech market.  However, Google+ has another feature that makes it an important aspect of a business’s social media marketing plan.  Because of its integration with other aspects of the Google algorithm and lives under the Google umbrella, it ties in with add-ons like Google Maps and Google Places, making it an incredible important conduit for search engine optimization.  By controlling those listings and showing activity and the inbound links they provide, you boost your SEO presence while you make yourself more searchable.  It also is a way to share content with other users and we’ve already established that content is king, still king, and will likely always be king.  If you haven’t thought about Google+ recently, it might be time to take another look at it.


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