top three hootsuite features
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With everything from content calendars to in-program apps like SocialBro, Hootsuite will become your favorite toolkit to manage your social media engagement, listening, analytics, collaboration, and security. I received my Hootsuite certification last October while taking a social media class at the University of Tennessee. Here are three of my favorite Hootsuite features:


Publisher is my ultimate, number one, favorite feature on Hootsuite. It is Hootsuite’s content manager and includes content calendars with AutoSchedule, Bulk Message Upload, and Suggestions as just a few items.

When you click into Publisher, you’ll see a calendar pop onto the screen containing all of the posts scheduled for each of your social media accounts. You can view these scheduled posts in monthly, weekly, or daily views. You can also narrow down the content that shows up by selecting which social media accounts you’d like to see.

Hootsuite also makes it easy to upload and schedule social content through it’s AutoSchedule feature and Bulk Message Upload.

AutoScheduling your content to be posted allows Hootsuite to automatically schedule our content during the times your audience is most likely to see your post and engage with it. This is great because it helps you amplify your social reach and the probability that your audience will see your content.

You can also choose to upload posts in bulk with Hootsuite’s Bulk Message Upload. This feature allows you to upload an Excel file with hundreds of tweets all at once. Hootsuite provides users with a Bulk Message Upload template, but you can also create your own using Microsoft Excel.

Right now, Hootsuite is running a beta version of its Suggestions feature. Suggestions is just that, a list of suggested posts from Hootsuite. After clicking Suggestions, you choose which social media account you’d like to find posts for, and then select and type in keywords. From this data, Hootsuite then searches the internet to find posts that fit your needs. For example, you can type in “SEO” and “social media” to find articles about each topic. Then, all you’ll need to do is click schedule!


Hootsuite is a great listening tool because of its streams. Streams are essentially newsfeeds tailored to fit your needs. You can set up and view a number of streams on one screen and assign each on to a certain topic. My streams vary from entire newsfeeds to feeds with keyword filters like “#girlboss” or “#thinksmarter.”

With customized streams, you can keep an eye on what your audience is talking about and how your competitors are engaging with their social media audience. Listening in is what makes up half of user engagement, so it’s important to hone in to what users are saying on the web.


Hootsuite provides users with a number of different analytic tests that they can run on their social media accounts. From these tests, you can view your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn  profile overviews, engagements, insights, and summaries. After selecting and running a test, a dashboard complete with graphs and details will show you the data results. Although Hootsuite has its own tests, you can still run Google Analytics and click summaries as well.

Since my introduction to Hootsuite last semester, I can say it definitely has made a difference in the way I manage social media. It’s easy to navigate and helps me manage each account on just one screen. We use it at Smarter Searches to manage our own social media! After all, helping others #thinksmarter is what we do.


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