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How to Use Instagram Post Notifications for Creative Marketing Strategies

Marketing on Instagram just got more insta! Instagram recently came out with a useful new feature called post notifications, and you should be very excited about it. The new post notification feature is exactly what your business needs to connect with your following in a more instantaneous and personal way.

how to turn on Instagram post notifications

Your followers will go to the top right corner of your Instagram page and click on the three little dots, then they select the turn on post notifications options, and, voila, they will receive a notification every time you post a new image!

Now your next question may be “how do I entice people to subscribe to my feed this way?”

Easy, you give them a killer incentive!  For instance, you could run a special promotion that involves giving a 15% off discount to the first 10 followers to comment on your picture. This not only solicits interaction and gets conversations going on your page, but it gives followers who missed out on this promotion an incentive to sign up for your post notifications because it comes with perks.  This also is great for driving more sales, customers are more likely to purchase from you if they won a coupon. Not to mention people typically purchase from people they like and trust, and people love discounts which translates into them loving your business!

The best part is only followers can sign up for post notifications, which in turn leads to more people following you in order to be eligible to participate.  Now imagine, those 10 people that received the discount have now gone from passive followers to raving fans. They may then tell their friends, who will likely follow you and subscribe to your post notifications! By creating this buzzworthy content you will organically grow your business and increase sales. Even more reasons to love and avidly market on the gram!

Play around with this new feature and use it to your advantage. These days most people follow over a hundred accounts, don’t let your amazing content get lost in the feed.  Ensure that your target market is subscribed to you and continue to deliver! Play around with this feature and let us know all the creative ways you implement it for marketing, we would love to hear what you come up with.

Use the hashtag #postnotificationnation so we can follow how successful this marketing strategy works for you.

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