Why Your Business Should Be on Instagram blog post
Is it just me or have there been more video postings on Instagram lately? Recently, I’ve seen animated 3D clips made through the MyIdol app, funny video clips from DubSmash, sneak previews of music videos and designer collections, and snippets from Coachella and local Knoxville events.

The increased use of Instagram video doesn’t surprise me though. Statistics show that Instagram’s most frequent users are part of Generation Z, the newest flock of youth born between 1996 and 2009. According to Gen Z, a white paper written by Sarah Sladek and Alyx Grabinger, members of Gen Z prefer visual communication over in-person meetings. With the use of videos and images on Instagram, businesses can reach this younger crowd of users more effectively.

But how do you make your video post stand out amongst the 70 million postings on Instagram per day?

Instagram provides users with an array of filters. You can increase your options by downloading video editing apps such as Magisto and Hyperlapse. There are so many available online for users to download, and each of them have unique features, transitions, and filters.

Tapping into Instagram will be beneficial for businesses because of its quickly growing user base. Within this next year, Instagram’s user base is projected to reach 50.6 million users in just the U.S. alone. If you’re looking to reach a more global audience, Instagram currently has 300 million active users, 70 percent of which reside outside of the U.S. Instagram also has the highest engagement rate against Facebook and Twitter at 4.21 percent.

Being able to share a message or story through videos and images plays a critical role in successful marketing, and using Instagram can help you share that message more effectively, especially with those from Generation Z.

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