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Learn the best ways to show your followers your appreciation

Mashable’s Ryan Katon recently published an article about AmericanGreetings’ partnership with Mashable to bring the #ThankList challenge to life. Essentially, it’s a bucket list to publicly thank all those people you’ve forgotten to thank via thank you cards, notes, etc. on the Twitterverse instead. It’s a great campaign, and as long as you share your tweet with the hashtag #ThankList at the end, AmericanGreetings and Mashable will collect them and share their favorite ones with the entire world.

Regardless of whether or not you decide to participate in the #ThankList challenge, it’s important to remember to always thank the people who help you in life and in business.

When I say business, I’m talking about your followers on social media, also known as your fandom. Through their shares, likes, retweets, and comments, they’re showing you that they love what you’re doing and are supporting you in your endeavors. Why wouldn’t you want to thank them?

The greatest form of flattery on social media is the “follow.” On Instagram and Twitter, it’s easy to show new followers your appreciation. Whenever you receive a notification that you have received new followers, visit their profile page to learn more about them and explore their posts. Find ones that you legitimately like and retweet or like them. That’s the easy way.

But the best way to show your appreciation is to provide feedback. Think about it. When your followers provide you with comments and replies, doesn’t it give you a great, fuzzy feeling? Like the golden rule, treat others the way you’d like to be treated, but don’t always expect them to reciprocate. Reciprocation isn’t a guarantee. Showing the love can, however, help you engage with them and build stronger relationships. Reply to their tweets, provide them with encouragement and motivation, and watch your fandom grow. For Facebook, it’s kind the same thing. Always provide feedback and engaging questions and answers to show your appreciation.

The key here is sincerity. Be sincere and genuine in your interactions with your followers, as you should with any audience you may have. As humans, we are naturally drawn to those we can trust, and sincerity in all interactions helps to establish that foundation. Whenever you’re engaging with your followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or whichever social media platform you may be using, be sincere and genuine in all your appreciation.

So here’s to the #ThankList for reminding us that, even though we may have never met some of them in person, it’s important to thank our followers for supporting us in our efforts to help businesses #thinksmarter. If you’re following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook already, this one’s for you and all you do! (And if you’re not, it’s never too late! Our social links can be found at the bottom of this screen.)


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