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Staying In The Loop: 4 Ways To Reach Generation Z in 2018

Just when the marketing world has finally begun to understand millennials, a new generation is just around the corner. Generation Z, those born after 1996, is predicted to be the largest group of consumers by the year 2020 and reach a buying power of 44 million by the year 2025. With Gen Z rising as the next powerhouse of consumers, it is essential to align your marketing strategies with Gen Z opinions. Here is what we have discovered so far:

1. Keep It Real

Move aside Photoshop — Generation Z is no longer drawn to the unflawed model or celebrity when looking to buy products or services. Authenticity, truth, and proven experience are the marketing precedents for Generation Z consumers. It can be clearly observed that Gen Zers find more dependability when they feel as though they know the brand or face behind the product. Therefore, making your marketing campaigns relatable and realistic will build trust between your company and Gen Zers. For example, The American Eagle #AerieReal campaign and the Dove #BeautyBias campaign embody what Gen Zers find appealing. By humanizing your brand and messaging strategies, you might just merit the attention of Gen Zers.

2. The New Age of Influencers

The power of influencer marketing arose during the age of millennials. Through the use of influencers, companies have given consumers the user experience and reviews they were looking for. However, Gen Zers are throwing their own twist on the widespread tactic. While previous generations tend to look up to older influencers or influencer groups, Gen Zers tend to trust those within their own age group. Case in point: CoverGirl selecting 18-year-old James Charles as the first male model for the company.

3. Fast Yet Fascinating

According to recent studies, the average attention span of a Gen Zer is about eight seconds. Yes, you read that correctly. No, it is not a typo. You have eight short seconds to make your desired mark on members of Generation Z. With that being said, throwing large amounts of information at Gen Zers will not lead to the achievement your company desires. In fact, if you want them to click on your ad, watch your video, like/share your photo, you must provide them with something intriguing during the “generous” eight-second window they provide you with. The most successful marketing pitches will, therefore, be ones that are short enough to keep their attention and direct enough to prove your point — use your 8 seconds wisely!

4. Purpose Behind Purchase

Generation Z has grown up in a world impacted by recession, terrorism, and social change. Due to this, Gen Zers have a strong desire to make an impact on the world around them. They see room for improvement and they want to take action, which is why standing up and supporting social causes is a brand differentiator in the eyes of Generation Z. 60% of the generation aim for their careers to make a notable impact, and 80% are more likely to buy a product or service that supports an environmental or social cause. Companies such as TOMS, Love Your Melon, FEED, Diff Eyewear, Warby Parker, and Hand In Hand are a few of the many companies that use their profit for a greater purpose. Such companies will flourish during the age of Generation Z.

Generational Changes in Marketing

Keeping up with the changing times within the world of marketing can be described as a never-ending race. It is challenging, yet vital, and it will always ask you just how far you are prepared to run.

What are you already doing to market to Gen Z consumers? Let us know in the comments!