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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Consultations + Strategy Sessions

Our in-house marketing experts have a wide range of specializations, but we really excel at seeing the big picture and helping you design a marketing strategy that will work for your business. From design to content to advertising and so much more, we help you mix and match marketing and advertising services to maximize revenue. Our consultations and marketing strategies are custom-fit to each client so we can determine the most effective solutions for your company.


Whether you need a few sets of eyes on your website to analyze your user experience or are looking for help with the creation of a digital marketing plan that includes content marketing, email, and more, we have the skills and the tools to help you meet your goals.

What We Offer

Social Media Training

By far our most popular training event, our social media training is a highly personalized workshop that starts with an audit of your current social media status across every platform and ends with customized solutions for the future. We work through the principles of social media, identify the best opportunities and platforms for you, discuss your target market and client base, and learn how to engage them with social media posts. We’ll talk about tools, scheduling, reputation management, and help you get a handle on how much time you spend posting to social media each week. At the end, you’ll have a content calendar, customized hashtags, and a plan in place for your business’ social media strategy. Time: 2.5 hours.

User Experience

The most important thing to consider when building a website is not the search engines, it’s not which content management system to use, it’s not whether to choose stock photography or hire a photographer. The most important consideration is user experience – how your customer interacts with the website and how your site impacts a person’s behaviors, attitudes, and emotions. User Experience is a vitally important, alarmingly under-appreciated combination of science and art that we take very seriously. By analyzing how fonts, colors, white space, imagery, layout, navigation, and content interact we can quantify and predict the intangible response customers have to your website. Our UX and usability experts will identify the strong and weak points of your site, helping you streamline customer behaviors, increase conversions, and walk you through the redesign process, if necessary.

Analytics Training

The key to understanding how your site functions is rooted in analytics and data. We like to say that if you aren’t measuring, you aren’t marketing. In this training course, we help you work through analytics dashboards, identify goals and conversions, implement tools and third-party tracking so all your content works together, and understand the basics of Analytics’ most important reports. Beyond a rough overview, this digs into the most important metrics on your site and how to leverage your data into profit. Time: 2 hours.

SEO Training

This course provides an introduction to Search Engine Optimization and how to make actionable changes on your website that impact your bottom line. In this training event, you’ll learn the ranking signals the algorithms look for, perform keyword research and spend considerable time discussing and analytics your target customer, work through user experience on your site, build and execute an SEO action plan for the future, and learn how to coordinate your marketing efforts to build on your SEO knowledge. Time: 3.5 hours.

Our workshops and training events are ideal for marketing teams, startups, small businesses, conferences, bloggers, and more. Since each event is customized and personalized, you’ll have the right information matched to your team and your market every time. We can even customize an experience for larger groups and teams, breaking out into custom topics as necessary.

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