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Smarter Searches wins 2 Addy's for web design

Smarter Searches Wins Two Addy’s for Web Design

On February 28, 4 members of the Smarter Searches team attended the American Advertising Federation’s 50th-anniversary award show at the Hilton in Downtown Knoxville.  Our team took home two bronze citations of excellence for web design, which we were pretty pleased with, considering we’ve only been offering web design as

AAF Presentation on converged media

AAF Presentation: Converged Media

Converged Media is the crux of what we do at Smarter Searches and Courtney recently spoke to the AAF chapter in Knoxville about it. In her speech titled, “Converged Media: The New Standard” she explained what converged media is, how it works, and the three main approaches to maximizing the use