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PPC Automation

Automation in Your SEM Accounts

“Automate the monkey work.”  I’m sorry, what?!?!  I read that in an ad for an SEM automation tool today and was flabbergasted. Astonished. Shocked. Appalled.  The monkey work?  Really?  They consider creating keywords and ad copy to be monkey work. Amazing. No wonder so many of my clients are disillusioned

White Hat, Black hat, and Gray Hat SEO

Ethics in SEO

Ethics and SEO are frequently written about in concert.  The reason is simple – there are a number of SEOs and SEO agencies that aren’t engaging in ethical techniques.  There are also a number that are very ethical and follow the rules (or at least follow the meaning of the

Choosing an SEM Agency

Choosing an SEM Agency

As an SEM professional, I strongly recommend that any company choosing to undertake search engine marketing campaigns seek the help of an agency.  However, all agencies are not made equal.  Take these tips under consideration when you decide to seek the services of an agency or consultant and consider how