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Social Media and Your Career

How Different Social Media Platforms Can Further Your Career

Once upon a time, social media was primarily for personal, fun use. Not anymore. While social media is still a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, it’s now also a critical part of marketing and business. From local businesses to massive corporations to government agencies, social

6 Tips for Creating Content When You're Stuck

6 Tips for Creating Content When You’re Stuck

Quality content is a huge factor in SEO rankings, but it’s not always easy to create quality content on a consistent basis. For the times when your creative juices aren’t flowing, here are a few tips for making sure your website is up-to-date on content. 1. Compile quality resources for

The Benefits of Blogging

Businesses of all sizes benefit from blogging. It’s an important aspect of increasing your business’ online content, viewership, relationships, and more. However, in order for it to truly be beneficial, it’s important to understand that your content needs to be relevant to your viewers and customers. Read on to learn

The 5 C’s of the Digital Sales Cycle

When we talk about your digital presence, I often like to refer to the 5 C’s.  Similar to a diamond’s four C’s (which every groom-to-be is forced to learn when ring shopping and promptly forgets immediately after), understanding the 5 C’s of your digital sales cycle make all the difference

Adding Dynamic Content to Your Site

How to Add Dynamic Content to Your Site

If you are researching search engine optimization, you’ll see constant repetition of the importance of content. Good, quality, valuable content.  This is an irrefutable fact.  If you want to be ranked in the search engines and, more importantly, convert visitors to customers or subscribers or leads, your content absolutely must

The Secret to Good Web Copy

The Secret to Good Web Copy

Yes, I am going to reveal my secret for writing effective web copy. It is the single most important thing you can do for your web site, whether you’re looking at it from an objective point of view as a consultant, from an SEO point of view, or if you

What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

Traditional marketing.  Digital marketing. Email marketing. Search engine marketing. Internet marketing.  And now content marketing?  It seems the entire category of marketing is being divided up and categorized and recategorized every time you turn around.  But content marketing is a very simple premise and one that has been around for

Content is….a Metaphor

As I continually research and read articles to stay on top of the field in internet marketing, I started to notice a growing trend of metaphors.  Content is… apparently now it is a metaphor.  Content is so important in creating an online presence and the cornerstone of SEO, SEM, content