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How to Get Started with Email Marketing

How to Get Started With Email Marketing

Take a second and think about your own email inbox. Do you receive emails from your favorite stores and brands? More likely than not, you receive quite a few each day. These could be newsletters, product updates, or flat-out sales promotions. You may even have an email or two from

6 Secrets to More Effective Email

Six Secrets for More Effective Email

Email marketing isn’t very sexy – we all know that – but it can be really effective when it’s done well. It often has a higher rate of ROI and conversions than social media, and it is an incredibly affordable component in your marketing budget. Keep in mind that people

Branding your Brand

Branding Your Brand

Most small business owners know a little bit about branding.  At least, insofar as they know they need to be thinking about branding.  Too often, branding becomes secondary or tertiary behind other strategies to make sales or generate leads.  But the digital marketplace is filled with opportunities for branding and