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Tag: improving your website

Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Website

Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own Website

The Super Bowl was earlier this month, and if you’re anything like most of the Smarter Searches team, your favorite part is the advertising. The ads were incredible (as usual), and the Audi, Bud Light, and Kia ads were a few of the most popular among our team. However, there

The 5 C’s of the Digital Sales Cycle

When we talk about your digital presence, I often like to refer to the 5 C’s.  Similar to a diamond’s four C’s (which every groom-to-be is forced to learn when ring shopping and promptly forgets immediately after), understanding the 5 C’s of your digital sales cycle make all the difference

Blog cover for "Reasons Your Site Sucks"

Reasons Your Site Sucks

We work with small businesses every day – our passion lies in helping the companies who make up the overwhelming majority of the business landscape and providing the digital resources that are too often unavailable to them. However, that often means we deal with websites that suck.  Now, I hate