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Updated Instagram Algorithm

An Update on Instagram’s Algorithm & How to Make It Work For You

Ever since Instagram changed our news feed order from chronological to a proprietary algorithm based on interaction and interests, you have probably noticed likes and comments decreasing on your posts.  Whether it’s on your personal account or an account you run for business purposes, reports are coming in that engagement

How to Pick a Color Scheme for Instagram

How to Pick a Color Scheme for Instagram

Instagram is an excellent social media platform for showcasing visual content, but when you scroll through an individual’s profile, you find something more — you find that the people and businesses are telling a visual story. Here’s how you can, too. When scrolling through Instagram, one thing you might notice

Instagram Stories

Why You Should Be Excited About Instagram Stories

We’ve got a new player in the social media arena, and we want to break down just how it can affect your business’ social media marketing efforts. What It Is: Instagram Stories, a new Instagram-specific feature that was introduced just this past week, is similar in concept to a Snapchat

Adapting to Instagram Updates

Instagram: Adapting to Updates

Change can be unsettling, so when Instagram announced that it was changing it’s algorithm from showing posts chronologically to favor posts that are considered most relevant to the viewer, business owners everywhere shuddered with fear. Everyone’s first thought was that their posts will be pushed off to the side lines,

A Guide to Instagram's Community Guidelines

A Guide to Instagram’s Community Guidelines

Now that we’ve evaluated why the web is full of trolls and everyone on the internet is so angry, and we’ve gone through the top tips for handling web hate, I wanted to go into the details of managing InstaHate if it comes your way. There are Terms and Conditions

Instabullying on Social Media

InstaBullying: The Darker Side of Social

AKA TROOOOOLLLLLLL in the dungeon (if you’re a Harry Potter fan) Social media is a beautiful evolution in engagement – a convenient mechanism to share with friends, meet new people, stay in touch across distance, share milestones, celebrate good news, and receive support in bad news. I have been an

Helping Knoxville Win Big

Snapping Photos and Stealing Hearts to Help Knoxville Win Big

As avid farmers market attendees and lovers of all things green in Knoxville, Smarter Searches is excited to announce that we’ve helped Knoxville’s Market Square Farmers Market win the #MoretoMarket Instagram contest! Hosted by the Farmers Market Coalition, a national and non-profit organization aimed at developing and growing farmers markets

Instagram Branding 101

Instagram 101: Branding

What do Coca Cola, Kim Kardashian, and The Rock all have in common? They all have established their brand on their Instagram account. Having a clear-cut brand identity lets people know as soon as they land on your page exactly how they should feel about your company and product, which