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Tag: Instagram updates

Social Media Updates Blog Graphic

Social Media Updates You May Have Missed

Popular social apps can feel like they’re updating faster than we could all possibly keep up with. Sometimes these are updates we love, and other times they can feel like a real pain to navigate or learn (can we have our feeds back in chronological order yet?). Either way, we’re

Instagram Stories

Why You Should Be Excited About Instagram Stories

We’ve got a new player in the social media arena, and we want to break down just how it can affect your business’ social media marketing efforts. What It Is: Instagram Stories, a new Instagram-specific feature that was introduced just this past week, is similar in concept to a Snapchat

Adapting to Instagram Updates

Instagram: Adapting to Updates

Change can be unsettling, so when Instagram announced that it was changing it’s algorithm from showing posts chronologically to favor posts that are considered most relevant to the viewer, business owners everywhere shuddered with fear. Everyone’s first thought was that their posts will be pushed off to the side lines,