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Tag: online marketing

4 Steps to Get Your Company to Support SEO

As told by 80’s songs… SEO is that one thing everybody needs but doesn’t necessarily know that they want.  I saw this when I was an in-house digital marketing manager and see it all the time at the agency level. It’s worse when you hit that wall where one person

Protecting Images on the Web

The web can be a scary, overwhelming place. Marketing strategies are constantly evolving and changing, as are strategies to protect copyrighted images. Unfortunately, as we evolve to protect what is rightfully ours, we either become increasingly paranoid about posting any images on the web or we find ways to fight

Questions to Ask Your Digital Agency

Everyone around the office loves when I get going into one of my rants.  I rant about lots of things.  I rant about shady SEO companies using black hat techniques.  I rant about people that have social media pages but don’t actually use them.  I rant about ugly, ineffective websites.

The Cobbler's Children

The Cobbler’s Children with No Shoes

It is remarkably easy to tell small businesses that they have to take their marketing seriously.  The mark of a successful business is that the owner is constantly working ON the business rather than just IN the business.  However, it is surprising how many marketing companies fail to promote themselves

Growing Your Business With Social Media

Growing Your Business with Social and Other Media

Join Smarter Searches, the Town of Farragut, and the Farragut Business Alliance in a FREE workshop on growing your business with social media. Some of the things we’ll be discussing: public relations online marketing the benefits of cross promotion going through case studies best and worst practices in social media