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Blog cover for "Minimalism: Is Less More? in Website Design"

Minimalism: Is Less More?

Minimalism is a design movement in which artists and designers eliminate non-essential forms, features, or concepts in an effort to expose the essence or identity of a subject.  Minimalism can also be considered any design or style that uses the simplest and fewest elements necessary to create the maximum effect. While this

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Detail and Decoration in Site Design

Detail and decoration are like a double-edged sword. One one hand, visual decoration can make your site unique, personal and creative. However, in some cases it can be tacky, overwhelming and land in the area of kitsch. Kitsch can be defined as something gaudy, overdone, melodramatic, tacky, mass-produced or low-quality. Think of the

The Design Process

The Design Process

Karl Aspelund’s book “The Design Process” is all about creative strategies and exercises to stimulate a designer’s process. The author says, “Designing is about forming ideas, planning and explaining the execution of those ideas, and making choices based on the evolution of those ideas that will lead to an end

Simplicity and Design Across Generations

Simplicity and Design Across Generations

The most effective way to get readers to visit and stay on a website is to give them proper motivation, such as invoking emotion with stories and pictures.

Research has shown that the simpler the design, the better because the brain can only process so much information at at time. Too much information can overload it and cancel out understanding and retention. Consuming news and advertising involves receiving information, adding previously held knowledge for context and then storage of the new information. These all need to be kept in balance.