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Tag: small business marketing

Instagram Stories

Why You Should Be Excited About Instagram Stories

We’ve got a new player in the social media arena, and we want to break down just how it can affect your business’ social media marketing efforts. What It Is: Instagram Stories, a new Instagram-specific feature that was introduced just this past week, is similar in concept to a Snapchat

The Creative Process is More Important Than The End Result

The Creative Process is More Important than the End Result

The Creative Process is More Important than the End Result Reviewing selections of Brain Storm: Unleashing Your Creative Self by Don Hahn “As hard as you may try, you can’t guarantee a positive reaction to your personal brand of creativity.” Ain’t that the truth?! As hard as we all might

Small Town Business Survival Tips

#ShopSmall: Small Town Business Survival Tips

Opening and operating a small business in a small town can be risky. With concerns of low traffic volume, low population income, and a limited target market, it seems unrealistic to try. In fact, many don’t. For the few that do take the risk, we applaud you and hope your

March Madness: Engaging Customers and Driving Leads

A Case Study on Brands Using March Madness to Drive Leads and Sales Everyone’s getting on the March Madness bandwagon! Maybe it’s the fact that we’re all starting to emerge from our winter cocoons and have lots to do, but there’s something about March that creates a contagious frenzy– and

A Beginner’s Take on Social Media

Like most people, Facebook was my first social media site. Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook in February 2004. I didn’t join until Winter, 2014. Yep….I successfully dodged social media for over a decade. I thought Facebook would be a fad, like beta recordings and laser discs or Myspace and Napster. And