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Good UX is Important for Your Site

Why Good User Experience Is Important For Your Site

Have you ever opened a website that looks terrible and is impossible to navigate? Everyone has. In the modern digital world, if a website layout doesn’t make sense or isn’t aesthetically pleasing, users aren’t likely to stick around very long. User experience, or UX, is about the emotions and attitudes

4 Black Friday Marketing Tips to Increase Customer Engagement

4 Black Friday Marketing Tips to Increase Customer Engagement

Black Friday was originally the day after Thanksgiving in which many stores would offer discounts and deals on their products and services. However, in recent years, Black “Friday” has really become an extended weekend starting on Thanksgiving Day and ending on Cyber Monday. According to Finder, the average American spends

Psychological Insights to Improve Marketing

Brain Power: Psychological Insights That Will Improve Your Marketing

Understanding your audience is one thing…but understanding the psychology of the human brain, even in marketing, will yield even greater results for your business. Here’s what you need to know. The Brain is Wired to Act Impulsively Increased levels of the brain’s “feel good” juice, dopamine, have been found to

Increase SEO Performance with Better UX

Increase SEO Performance with Better UX

What comes first…organic Google rankings or your customers? Who do you serve first when it comes to the almighty desire to be the best? If you want my opinion, always start with your customers. In your efforts to be the best and to be visible online, always begin your journey

Digital Marketing: A Recipe for Success

Digital Marketing: A Recipe for Success

  Unless you’ve always been a mad scientist in the kitchen, recipes are a great way to learn how to make food, combine spices, and satisfy your inner foodie. As someone who likes to learn something from the most basic starting point, I can appreciate the simplicity in following the

Smarter Usability for Conversions

Usability and User Experience When a website’s usability is simple, easy, navigable, and obvious, more conversions (a.k.a converting site visitors into paying customers) occur. Websites are set up to display your trade, craft, products, or services, so it makes sense to do everything you can to make sure your visitors

User Experience and How it Creates Good SEO

I recently read an article written by usability expert Shari Thurow, who I’ve heard speak at conferences before and really admire, all about content and context, usability, findability and perceived download time.  What I like about Shari’s article is that it explores the human interaction as it relates to SEO.