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Web Design Inspiration

At Smarter Searches, we do the occasional website redesign. Even when we don’t, we always recommend that in the grand scheme of growing your business and your presence on the web, it helps to have a beautiful and user-friendly website. We can do all the right things to help customers find your website, but a well-designed site helps keep customers active on your site once they find it. If you’re ready to commit to driving more traffic to your website, don’t forget to think about how your website looks and functions. Ultimately, that means more business for you and more growth for your business.

We are pretty good at recognizing and understanding what it takes to make a great website, but it’s always helpful when our customers have some ideas in mind. We encourage you to look around at websites you like to visit. What makes them successful for you? Can your site use similar concepts? Take those ideas and try to develop them in a way that applies to your business and website. What about your new ideas makes your business, products, or services stand out amongst your competitors?

Keeping these concepts in mind, we wanted to provide some inspiring websites and design ideas to get you started. Whenever you come across something you like, write it down, draw it, or print it out, and make sure to bring it with you anytime you are discussing your website with us or a design team. We would love to hear how you envision helping your business and its website grow!

Website Design Resources

  1. Web Design Inspirations – A huge databased targeted at inspiring web designers
  2. Clean Websites from Awwwards®
  3.  Web Design from Smashing Magazine – tips for web designers and developers
  4. Pinterest is a great way to find great visual resources for your website.
  5. The Webby Award nominees provide award-winning inspiration
  6. The Favourite Website Awards highlight creative web or mobile design, daily
  7. Which Test Won is an unbiased testing site to see what choices generate results
  8. 11 Resources for Website Design Inspiration
  9. 17 Sites for Web Design Inspiration from Mashable

We hope this helps you on your journey to discovering what should become a personal and effective website for your growing or established business. Let us know if you have any questions or would like an assessment of your existing website. Our user experience assessments include and factor in your site’s usability, layout, aesthetics, content, grammar, font choices, URL links, page load times, broken links, and more.