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Welcome to Cheyenne’s Accountability Corner

Hi, friends!

I want to formally introduce you to my new blog series: Cheyenne’s Accountability Corner. We all know that one, slightly-annoying friend that remembers everything that ever happens and holds us accountable. Yeah, that’s me. It’s February already, so I feel compelled to check in with you all – and myself – on those New Year’s resolutions. We’re already 1/12 done with this year – crazy, right?

So, how’s it going? Whether you made personal or professional resolutions, or both, we are going to take some time to evaluate and reset to make sure we are on track for a glorious 2016. If you’ve already fallen off the wagon – don’t worry. Maybe January was just a trial month for you. If you didn’t do as well as you wanted to last month, start anew in February! Don’t wait until December 31 to make a list of resolutions. It’s okay to have slip ups. Let’s hop back on that horse together and keep on keepin’ on.

Maybe you’ve fallen into a rut at work and you don’t feel creatively stimulated, or, maybe, you have been absolutely swamped in the New Year and haven’t even had time to breathe since you rang in 2016. Whatever it is, you know exactly what you need most. Take time to evaluate what’s working for you and what isn’t. Take time to treat yourself to what your soul is really craving. If that’s “me time,” then resolve to spend 30 minutes a day doing something that brings you joy. If what you need is a creative boost, then be intentional about it and start by asking yourself, “how do I unlock my creativity?” Whatever it is, make like Shia and just do it, because I know you can make this your best year ever.  

If you’ve kept all of your resolutions so far – that’s amazing. Congratulations! I’m seriously so proud of you. Just keep in mind that even if you’re doing really well, you can keep improving and setting new goals. As humans, we are constantly making progress and striving to be our best selves, so don’t settle for “good” when you are destined to be great. On the flip side, I know it can be discouraging to feel like you’ve fallen off course, but you are the captain of your fate. Ask for a creative side project at work, get organized with your schedule at home or in the office, or even text a friend to meet you at the gym so you can’t cancel.

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