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When Life Gives You Lemons, Put Lemonade on Repeat

As a digital marketing agency, we obviously have to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world; specifically, what’s happening online. Unless you don’t have internet access or you live under a rock, you know that Lemonade (Beyonce’s album that was released three years ago) is FINALLY available on all streaming platforms. So, “Don’t Hurt Yourself” – turn on Lemonade and read this blog to keep your day going the right way.

Social Media Today

According to a recent article, 74% of Twitter users get their news from the app. And if Beyonce dropping her album three years later isn’t news, we don’t know what is (just kidding, we do, but this is still really important).  

This brings us back, in a sense, to the Fyre Fraud blog we wrote a few months ago. As discussed in that blog, the power of social media today is unmatched. The Fyre Fraud blog focuses a bit more on the darker side of influencer marketing and the negative impacts that marketing can have on a brand. With Beyonce, we’ll focus on the positive, and insanely huge, impact that a name alone can have.

The Beyonce Impact

Beyonce. That is the first thing I saw when I logged onto Twitter just before 8:00 this morning. Beyonce, Lemonade and #Lemonade were all trending. I started writing this blog 12 minutes ago and there have already been thousands of tweets containing the above words, plus quite a few more.

As of 6 am, Lemonade was a Twitter Moment. Of course, Twitter Moments aren’t quite what they were at their release in 2015, but they are still a huge talking point and a great place to go to see what the 260+ million Twitter users are interested in.

Much like the surprise album release three years ago, this incredible news came out of nowhere. Spotify and Apple Music posted with 2 minutes of midnight that the album was finally available. Over 100 million people subscribe to either Spotify or Apple Music, and now all of those people have access to Lemonade.

People across the world are posting screenshots, pictures, and videos of themselves and their friends listening to the album, as well as talking about how they felt when it was released back in 2016. Many users are saying it feels like they are listening to the album for the first time, when in reality it’s probably the 12,000th time (or maybe that’s just me?).

This is, undoubtedly, huge for Spotify and Apple Music. The screenshots that users are adding to their Instagram story or tweeting out and tagging Beyonce and the respective platform provides so much brand awareness, as well as a sense of community. We’re really excited to see how this affects both Spotify and Apple Music’s reach and image in the coming days and weeks.  

The album drop comes three years, to the day, after the initial release, and just six days after Beyonce’s (surprise) Homecoming release on Netflix.

Beyonce knows what it takes to get the world talking about her. A surprise Netflix documentary that tens of thousands of people have watched in less than a week, followed by the long-awaited – but still surprise – drop of a legendary album. She will be in the spotlight for some time, and she knows it.


You may have seen Taylor Swift dropping hints about her new album; which, from the looks of it, should be released this Friday. We’ll come back in a few months and see whose reach was larger. Will it be Beyonce by surprising the world with fabulous Netflix docs, songs, videos and more? Or Taylor, who has been hinting at new music and maybe something else, after going MIA for a few years? Check back in a few months and we’ll break it down for you.

Who do you think will have a bigger impact and why? Would you have known Lemonade was available if it weren’t for Twitter? Do you love Beyonce as much as Lani? Let us know in the comments.