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Why No One Likes Your Brand

1. You post for the wrong reasons

If you ask me, whoever coined the term, “consistency is key,” kind of knew what they were talking about. Oftentimes, a successful social media strategy is based on consistency. Being the self-aware “Type A” individual that I am, no one understands more than I do how important it is to have a schedule and stick to it. That being said, the austerity with which you regard your day planner in your personal life need not always trickle into your professional life. Essentially, it boils down to this: bad brands get caught up in the quota.

Want a scenario? Who doesn’t love a good scenario?

You’re managing the social media accounts for your business, and you have planned to post 3 posts a day that relate to said business. You realize, though, that you don’t have that much meaningful content to share with your followers. You panic and wonder why you don’t outsource your social media to a company that can find all this content for you.

End scenario.

If you don’t happen to have your business’s social media outsourced to a digital agency, then it may behoove you to give yourself a break. Try not to beat yourself up. Instead, do what you think is best. If you think fewer, more intentional posts will resonate better with your audience, post less often. Unless the social media content plan you created was etched in stone–in which case, I’d be genuinely impressed–you can alter it to meet your organization’s needs at any particular point in time. By making the shift from posting “just to post,” to posting with conviction, your audience will actually like, enjoy, and engage with your brand.

2. You are too sales-y

Another reason no one likes your brand is that you’re too sales-focused. Tell me something, can you tell when a brand is trying to disguise an advertisement inside a “fun” social media post? Yeah, so can your audience. The sales vs. information vs. fun balance is a fragile scale many brands fail to properly balance.

So many brands are posting a mixture of 80 percent information and 20 percent fun. This is all wrong. The inverse is actually far more effective and likely to resonate with your audience. Aim for 20 percent information, 80 percent fun. If you want to shoot for the stars, make the information fun. Taking this tip to heart and re-working your online brand strategy will have more people “liking” you. #PunAlwaysIntended

3. You are a bad party host

I once had a brilliant mentor tell me bad public relations (or social media, for that matter) is like inviting all your friends to a wonderful party and not being there to host it. Now, maybe this is my “Southerner/Hostess-With-The-Mostest” talking, but not showing up to your own party is simply unacceptable. How in the world does this analogy have anything to do with social media, you may ask?

Question: Would you, a respectable, good-looking (*wink*) blog post reader invite people over to your house and forget to show up?

Of course you wouldn’t! You’re better than that.

Why then, do so many brands have extremely active posting schedules on social media and completely forget to interact with their customers on those platforms? If your organization is posting and people are responding, asking questions, messaging you or even tagging you, and you forget to respond, or completely ignore their requests, you’re forgetting to host your party. If you host your party the right way, people will fall in love with you and your brand. Everyone loves a good party host.

We love hosting parties

If you read this blog post and you’re like *blank stare,* give us a call. Not the slightest clue what a social media content calendar is? Give us a call. Completely at a loss for social media content? We have you covered. Unaware of how or unwilling to engage with your social media audience? That’s what we do! If you need help with social media, don’t seem to understand the point of social media, or hate social media, give us a call. We’d love to help people love your brand.