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Why You Should Be Using Display Ads

Google Display ads help your business reach a wider audience and are highly beneficial for brand awareness and name recognition. They appear on the main page of websites, unlike Google Search ads which show up on the search engine results page. Google Display ads have the advantage of reaching customers who might not yet be aware of the need for your product. This type of advertising is perfect for increasing visibility on high traffic sites and informing potential customers of your product or service. 

Targeting Your Audience 

Google Display ads allow you to pinpoint your target audience based on demographic and geographic parameters. You may also choose which websites you would like to be displayed on, making it easy for your business to reach your target customers based on interest and relevance. Being able to decide who views your ad ensures your money is well spent.

Creative Freedom

Since Google Display ads aren’t just text-based ads, you can catch the attention of consumers with creative images and videos. These ads come in various sizes and can appear on the top, side, or bottom of the page. Advertisements that are visually appealing are more likely to resonate with the consumer. Make sure you have a clear call-to-action that entices your customer to click on the ad and brings them to the right landing page. 

Measure Your Results

By using Google Analytics, it is easy to track results and measure the effectiveness of your advertisement. Your business can look at metrics such as clicks, impressions, and conversions. After analyzing these results, you can determine which websites are the most successful at reaching your target audience. 


Remarketing is another valuable option for utilizing Google Display ads. If you are unfamiliar with this term, remarketing is when Google uses internet “cookies” to target consumers who have visited your site in the past. When your display ad pops up on another website, this serves as a reminder since they were previously interested and hopefully persuades them to come back and purchase.

Implementing Display Ads

Display ads serve as the perfect opportunity to get your business’s name out there on some of the most visited websites. They capture consumers’ attention early on in the buying process, creating a demand for something they might not know they needed.  Contact our Smarter Searches team to figure out how we can help you create captivating display ads to grow your business.