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Why Your Business Needs a Blog ASAP

Having a blog for your business is essential for search engine optimization (SEO), aka being found on the major search engines. It is also useful for driving sales and establishing authority in your field. If you own a business of any kind it is imperative that you blog, and do it consistently. Here are the three reasons why you should start today:

1.  People buy from people they know and trust.

Providing potential customers with valuable information in the form of a blog post will turn them into raving fans. Raving fans that will likely buy from you once they are in the market for whatever service/product your business is offering.

Example: say you own a plumbing business, you could blog about easy DIY fixes that your clients can do themselves. This provides valuable information that they can apply to their daily lives, and it makes them trust you because you helped them solve a problem. The next time they have plumbing issues they are more likely to contact you as opposed to some other plumber they find on Google because you established trust via your blog post. They will naturally gravitate towards you or recommend you to friends, which is the most powerful marketing tool of all.

2.  It makes you an authority in your industry.

Blogging about topics in your field makes you one of the leaders, especially if you are providing stellar content that is being shared widely. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you simply have to make it accessible to other people to read. Share your knowledge and establish your authority on the topics you are most familiar with. The best blogs come from people who live and breathe the information they are providing.

Example: Take what we do on the Smarter Searches blog as an example; we provide insights and tips on how to effectively market your business online. We didn’t invent this stuff in our office, but we are taking our knowledge and hands-on experience and sharing it with the world through blogging. We are helping industry leaders and providing quality content that we hope helps out those inside the world of digital marketing as well as those who are looking for some insight on how to market their business online.

3. It gets your website more traffic.

Blogging helps improve your SEO (for a more technical breakdown on how that works, check out this blog) but aside from that, it helps your traffic in other ways. Let’s say you write an awesome blog discussing the 5 DIY ways to decorate mason jars and that blog gets shared on Facebook. All of a sudden, you have visitors coming to your website that would have otherwise never heard of your business: all because of that one blog. This brings us to the next point: share all of your blogs on your social media accounts and don’t be afraid to re-share. Blogs, if titled correctly, can be a great way to entice new clients and drive that traffic to your website.

Not a blogger? Outsource this vital part of your marketing strategy to us. At Smarter Searches we have a team of avid bloggers that not only love to write but can do it well. This leaves you time to focus on other things, like running your business.

Prioritizing blogging (and doing it well)  will put you ahead of the competition and could be the key piece you need to make your small business a big success.