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World Emoji Day – July 17th

If you scroll through your past text messages, the odds of an emoji present in a message would not be a surprise. We use emojis every day; whether it’s to help portray emotion in a message, to add a little extra something to a caption, or when you just don’t feel like using words, emojis might be one of the most useful things to come out of the modern-day internet. 

The reason why July 17th was chosen for the day to celebrate emojis is that July 17th is famously displayed on the calendar emoji (📅). Every year, the World Emoji Awards determine the Most Popular New Emoji and the Most Anticipated Emoji. In 2019, the “smiling face with hearts” (🥰) took the one for the Most Popular New Emoji. As a personal favorite, we can see why. 

At Smarter Searches, we like to consider ourselves experts in communications and marketing, and we will be the first to admit how much we love emojis. Using these fun icons can make a message more light-hearted, which is necessary a lot of the time. Our advice is to make sure you always use the appropriate emoji to communicate with your audience.

Emojis have become a key communicator, especially on social media. By mid-2015, half of all comments on Instagram included an emoji. Over 900 million emojis are sent every day without text on Facebook Messenger. And even though almost everyone loves emojis, it was found that 86% of emoji users on Twitter are 24 or younger. 

So, how can you celebrate World Emoji Day? You and your friends can join the World Emoji Day even on Facebook, which is perfect for these social distancing days. You can also hold an Emoji party for you and your family. Dress up as your favorite emoji character, bake emoji cakes, or watch the emoji movie. The more emojis, the better. Just make sure you’re being safe, of course. 

At Smarter Searches, we encourage communication most efficiently, which is quickly done with emojis. Celebrate World Emoji Day and make sure to tag #WorldEmojiDay if you decide to share your celebrations!