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Valuable Data for Actionable Changes

Analytics + Reporting

Where Data Drives Decisions

When it comes to analytics, we walk the walk, and we have the numbers to prove it. Most modern websites are built, modified, and embedded with analytics tracking codes to gather information on site interaction. Failure to use an analytics tracking device means missing out on valuable information about your site. We can then use the data at your fingertips to maximize your site and make informed, actionable changes.

Smarter Reporting and Analytics

Between our technical knowledge, our understanding of industry trends, and our experience filing through massive amounts of data, we help you make modifications to your site that create valuable impact based on your business’s own definitions of success. Whether you’re looking for a retainer-based ongoing analytics reporting package to keep track of your website traffic and drive your content creation and growth on a monthly basis or an occasional check-up to understand periodic changes in traffic patterns or get a baseline with your traffic, Smarter Searches can help.

How We Do It

Understanding Your Customers

Want to know age or demographic data on your site visitors? What browser are they using? How likely are they to be using mobile devices? Analytics can give you a great deal of insight into who your customer is and how they interact on your site.

Understanding Traffic Patterns

Want to know where most of your visitors are landing? How many pages are they looking at before exiting? How likely are they to exit or leave the site? What is the most likely traffic pattern? How does the traffic pattern for a visitor who converts differ from one who doesn’t?

Understanding Your Content

Which blog posts are the most popular? What keywords generate the most traffic? Where are you ranking on your top keywords? What social media posts generate the most social signals? Our various reporting packages can provide a high degree of insight into your content and how your customers respond to it.

Understanding Your Conversions

Whether we have detailed e-commerce tracking installed, goals for lead forms, sales, or newsletter signups, or some other conversion metric, we can provide insight on traffic sources, content pattern, and cart abandons to help you understand the details going on with your site.

Analytics is dating someone new – there’s a lot of talk but not a lot of understanding, no one really knows what’s going on, and there is a real lack of finesse with plenty of awkwardly fumbling.

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