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Pay Per Click Advertising

Bringing Customers and Businesses Together in the Search Process

PPC is effective at bringing businesses together with their customers by allowing them to interact with the search engines in an immediate way. One of the greatest benefits of pay-per-click advertising (or PPC) is that it delivers clicks as soon as campaigns begin, providing instant exposure while long-term strategies, like search engine optimization (SEO), continue to take root and grow. Furthermore, it’s one of the only marketing platforms where the customer takes the initiative to begin their dialogue with you, by entering their search parameters in the search engine.

Smarter PPC. Period.

Our PPC management services focus on customization – your business is unique and so is your search campaign. Smarter Searches is a certified partner for both Google Ads and BingAds and will work with you on proper resource allocation among the search engines.


Our PPC management skills are unparalleled, offering close to fifteen years of experience in PPC and paid search and featuring accounts with click-through rates that average more than 250% higher than the national average. We bring qualified traffic to your website with our custom keyword lists, ad copy, multivariate testing strategies, and more. If you have questions about working with third parties with your Google Ads account, please read more about it here from Google. We comply with all policies regarding client information and reporting and encourage all our clients to understand the process of using a third-party PPC agency.

PPC Ads take up the best real estate on the most popular search engines – taking up 85% of the space before you scroll.

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How We Do It

Customized Goals

All of our search engine marketing campaigns begin with PPC goal-setting consultations. We want to know what are you hoping to achieve– is it lead generation? Branding? Sales and e-commerce? Increasing foot traffic to your store? Growing your newsletter list? Each of these goals demands a slightly different approach to your PPC account and our initial discussions ensure that we are bringing the highest quality traffic to your website in order to meet your business’s needs.

Built From Scratch

After careful research using information from our client meetings, a variety of specialized online tools, and our own experience, we select the most relevant and searched keywords that apply to your business, products, and services. We constantly monitor our keyword choices in your PPC campaigns to ensure that they are always relevant. We set up our campaigns with highly specific ad groups, test multiple ad copy variations, and apply various targeting mechanisms to make sure your PPC campaigns are targeting the right audience at the right times in the right places to give you the right results.

Ongoing Optimization

The end result of all our testing is that we select the best ad options to run more frequently, eliminate keywords that convert poorly, and incorporate best practices that work for your company. There is no timeline on our optimization process – as long as you’re a client, we continue to work on your PPC campaigns and continue to adapt to the evolving search landscape.

Targeted Testing

We will test and test and test some more until we get it right. And even then, there’s always room for improvement. Whether we’re testing ad copy variations against each other, keyword match type options, or ad groups with various extensions, we use evidence-based approaches every time we make changes to the campaign. Between analytics, conversion codes, and URL tagging, we ensure we have as much data as possible and that we are using it to its full advantage when we act.

Certified Professional

Our company is certified as a Google partner and a BingAds certified partner. We have accreditation in Google Display Advertising, Reporting and Analytics, Search Advertising, Shopping, and Video Advertising. By ensuring that your accounts are built by certified individuals within a certified PPC agency, you know your accounts are being taken care of by specialists with the most up-to-date knowledge and best practices to make your account successful.


Our Knoxville-based Google Ads agency has worked with hundreds of companies across the country, and beyond, to help our clients get the results they are looking for, regardless of what those specifics are.

Audits + Consulting

Sometimes a PPC account is already reasonably successful, but it needs an expert’s opinion to ensure that settings are up to date, best practices are being used, and to provide ideas for PPC campaigns or ad groups that haven’t been thought of yet. In light of enhanced campaigns and the frequent interface changes, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your account meets all the requirements to be successful. We provide PPC audits and consultation services for your existing AdWords and BingAds campaigns. These services include our proprietary 50-point auditing worksheet and a PPC summary report for you to keep.

Profound Results for Local Businesses

Female doctor provides care for young child with mother in the background

Urgent Care Clinic

302.86% increase in ranked keywords
89% decrease in cost per conversion
Dentist examining a patient's teeth at her appointment

Dental Studio

2000% conversion rate increase
87% decrease in cost per conversion
Woman reading a book in her windowsill

Online Book Retailer

95.53% higher CTR than industry average
39.89% higher conversion rate than industry average

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