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If you’re calling it “The Facebook,” please just call us. Social media is intentional, interactive and collaborative marketing that meets users on their preferred platforms. Social media is pertinent to the survival of modern businesses because it presents a wealth of opportunities for customer interaction in a direct and immediate way.

Smarter Social Media

Social media is an important part of today’s world, presenting a wealth of opportunities to interact with your customers in a direct and immediate way.

Not all social sites are made alike, so you need to be able to gauge which ones to use and how to leverage them in sales, branding, and lead generation. We also extend the scope of our services to include blogging strategies and blog content creation, brand review, reputation management consulting, and social media monitoring strategy.

Our social media marketing strategy involves page creation or optimization on any of the major social media platforms and full managed posting to your accounts – posting, commenting, responding, and organizing your social presence to ensure optimum results.

Beyond a Facebook Post

Drive traffic to your events, contests, social pages, and web site through customized social media packages. We increase your brand reach, customer relationships, and create viable content with social media campaigns that match your needs and your budget. Build your brand with social! All custom services priced based on consultation.

How we do it

Facebook Contest Development and Promotion

When running Facebook contests and promotions, we like to get to know YOUR audience and YOUR brand. We take the time to understand the message you’re trying to convey and put you in touch with your ideal customer. By being familiar with the ever changing social media industry, we use promotional tactics such as building buzz, making contests shareable, and executing the message across multiple social networks.

Facebook Advertising Management

We know Facebook Advertising is key to building a loyal fanbase. That’s why we work to attract quality fans by segmenting interest, behavior, age, and more. We use dynamic paid search tactics to reach your ideal audience with promoted posts and A/B testing with various creatives to see what works best for your brand.

Facebook Event Development and Promotion

We create Facebook events that are professional, clean, and a reflection of your brand. By putting relevant information in front of your invitees, we make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for. We prioritize the specifics about your event in a way that’s seamless and comprehensive while adding photos that mirror your personality. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let Smarter Searches organize your next Facebook event.

Google+ Listing Creation

Let’s face it, creating a Google+ page can be overwhelming. That’s why we take the stress out of putting together your Google+ page and highlight all the best components of your business. From your company’s hours of operation to creating photo albums, we put together well-rounded Google+ pages that help with increased visibility and organic lift.

Google Authorship Setup

Google Authorship is must-have for any business that wants to produce content. If you want your search result to be more visible, possess more authority, and build trust, get on board Google Authorship. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, we’ll take the complication out of Google Authorship and put it in our hands. With over 15 years combined experience working with Google, we know what it takes to make execution seamless and get your company the recognition it deserves.

Instagram Contests & Posting

As an award-winning Instagram marketing agency, our approach to the ‘Gram is innovative, fresh, and most importantly, effective. We establish an aesthetic, thoughtfully research hashtags, and build followings on Instagram that thrive on all things bright and beautiful. Regardless of your industry, with our winning Instagram solutions, you can be confident your brand aesthetic is in the right hands.

We can help you develop comprehensive social media strategies utilizing multiple platforms, based on your own goals and objectives within the community.

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