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Award-winning website design

New BookCase Club website homepage on a desktop computer

Bookcase.Club is a monthly book subscription where subscribers choose their favorite genre of books and then receive two books to their doorstep every month. BookCase caters to a variety of genres and even has a variety of children’s subscriptions.


They came to us in need of an updated website. While 84% of their customers were millennial women, their current website conveyed a more masculine energy that didn’t cater to their main customer base. They needed new colors, fun fonts, and more conversational messaging. We created a fresh, custom Shopify website that integrated seamlessly with an advanced subscription fulfillment platform that enabled the Bookcase.Club team to manage their subscriptions with ease.

What We Did

Increased avg. session duration by


Increased pages per session by


Increased number of page views by


Increased sessions per user by


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Award-Winning Website Redesign

A new website for BookCase was a necessity. The company sought a website with an advanced order fulfillment system for its book subscription service that appealed to its largest customer-base — millennial women. Our solution was to create a custom Shopify site that offered a customer-focused design with a beautiful, user-friendly interface.


With our target shopper in mind, we created a gorgeous Shopify theme that featured a palette of soft blue and coral and handwritten font. We also filmed a header video for the home page that features a young woman opening her BookCase (it also features an adorable dog).


The customer-focused design and user-friendly interface won a silver ADDY award from AAF Knoxville for the website design!

Screenshot of custom search input for BookCase Club website
The Data-Driven Form

Our second silver Addy for the Bookcase.Club website is in the category of data-driven marketing. Because Bookcase.Club offers several different genres for a variety of age groups, we created a form that easily matches prospective customers to the exact subscription box they are looking for.

Customers can choose their gender, desired genre, and whether they are shopping for themselves or someone else (Bookcase.Club offers giftable subscriptions that make great surprises for your loved ones!), and the form will dynamically match a customer with their perfect box.


This element of the site won another silver ADDY award in the data-driven marketing category.

SEO Success

Woman wearing a hat sits at a table working on her laptop computer

The new website design achieved one of our goals: beautiful aesthetics and design. Did it achieve the real goal of driving results for the client? Just looking at the three months following the launch of the new site, we would say it has delivered.


  • Total sessions on the site increased by 11.57%.
  • Sessions per user increased by 13.20%.
  • Page views increased by 66.98%.
  • Bounce rate dropped by 5.15%.
  • Average session duration jumped from 1:25 minutes to 2:05 minutes – a 48.19% increase.
  • Pages per session increased by 49.66%, with the new average user viewing 4.33 pages compared to 2.9.

PPC Advertising

Facebook Ads

We manage Bookcase.Club’s social media presence, including their paid social advertising via Facebook. In one year, our average click-through rate on Facebook ads was 1.89% (industry average is 1.59%) and the CPC for the year was $0.41 (industry average is $0.70). In the last year, we have reached over 1.1 million people with higher CTR and lower CPC than the industry averages.

Google Ads

Bookcase.Club needed a team to take over their Google Ads account and bring results. Through our time of running their Google ads, we have seen great CTR and conversion rates for both search and display campaigns, numbers that exceed e-commerce averages.


  • Bookcase.Club Avg. CTR = 7.61%
  • E-Comm Avg. CTR = 2.69%
  • Bookcase.Club Avg. Conversion Rate = 4.21%
  • E-Comm Avg. Conversion Rate = 2.81%

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