Total Organic Reach
Increased 9.33%

Engaged Users
Increased 69.7%

Post Likes/Reactions
Increased 3317%

13 Social Media Accounts

With 13 locations across 3 different states, First Care Clinics provides urgent care to a large variety of people. What they wanted was a cohesive messaging and social media strategy across all clinics coupled with unique posts to diversify each clinic from the rest. Through sharing testimonials, infographics, and video content, we've made First Care's social channels a destination for health resources.

Boy smiling with stethoscope on his chest

More Calls and More Appointments

Within seven months of taking over and optimizing their PPC campaigns, we were able to directly track 990 phone calls into their chain of urgent care clinics, more than 300 of which lasted longer than 60 seconds. In the walk-in medical clinic and urgent care industry, tracking conversions is historically difficult since people just "walk-in" instead of making appointments. This makes the performance of the ads over time considerably above average and successful.

High Results, Low Costs

Click through rate is more than 800% higher than the national average for healthcare and at a cost per click 75% lower than the national average for AdWords accounts.