See how our team at Smarter Searches dramatically increased PPC performance, outranked competition with SEO strategy, and designed award-winning website content for First Care and all 18 of their locations.

First Care Clinics is a chain of 18 urgent care facilities in both Kentucky and Indiana (and they're growing!). First Care is committed to transforming how patients experience healthcare and dedicate themselves to providing affordable, efficient, and superior care to all of their patients.

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First Care Clinic website on multiple devices

As an urgent care provider, First Care needed an agency that could manage their digital strategy for all of their locations. A top-tier urgent care provider demands a marketing strategy that brings their clinics to top-of-mind, builds patient loyalty, and gets in front of patients when they are searching for urgent care nearby. Furthermore, with a business model that makes attribution challenging, we had to come up with a way to not only make all marketing efforts profitable but also to profoundly demonstrate success and appropriate attribution. At Smarter Searches, we partnered with First Care to manage their PPC, SEO, implement website changes, and social media to build awareness for new clinics and services, drive conversions, and deliver significant ROI for First Care Clinics.

Google Ads

We knew that Google Ads would be a great option for First Care because it would allow them to ensure that their clinics are visible on Google searches when their potential patients are searching for high-quality urgent care services in that moment. Through analyzing various data, we have been able to adjust and optimize their account and campaigns to achieve a conversion rate of 20%, decrease the cost/conversion by 89%, and have even achieved sustained ROI as high as 14:1.

Here are a few examples of our PPC strategies implemented for First Care Clinics:

  • Individual Budgets
  • Location Targeting
  • Unique Ad Structures
  • Conversion Tracking Optimization
  • Custom Conversion Codes for Attribution
  • Mobile-First approaches to organic and paid traffic
  • A customized mix of ad types to maximize visibility on maps, searches, brand-building, and social media

Customized Budgets

With the variation in population, demographics, and competition in surrounding neighborhoods between all 18 of First Care's locations, setting a flat-rate budget for each location didn't make sense. That's why we optimize budgets by location to make sure the budget is used to its maximum potential. Our team is able to consistently check the performance of each location and move the budget where it is needed most. We are also able to move budget based on First Care's requests if there is a location they would like to focus on for paid strategy.

Location Targeting

As an urgent care provider, it is important to utilize paid budget to reach customers who truly have potential to convert. For that reason, setting location targeting has been very important when managing Google ads for First Care.

We have tested a variety of location strategies for each clinic and have set targeting strategies in place that work best for each clinic. For example, some clinics performed best with radius targeting, while others performed better by targeting specific zip codes. In fact, one location saw lower CPC and higher CTR when switched to zip code targeting.

First Care Frankfort Google Ad

Ad Structures

Another area we focused to optimize for First Care's paid strategy was creating ad structures that would grab attention, inform the searcher, and convince them to click the add and convert. We did this not only by creating and testing ad copy, but we also built ad extensions that not only provide more advertising space on the SERP but also provide relevant information to the searcher to help them choose First Care Clinics as their urgent care provider.

Some examples of the extensions used include:

  • Location Extension
  • Call Extension
  • Structured Snippet
  • Callout Extension
  • Sitelink Extension

Conversion Tracking Optimization

In order to ensure that the budget is driving real conversions for First Care, we spent time ensuring that our conversion tracking was set up to only track meaningful conversion information. This meant tracking for both online check-ins through a third-party application as well as phone calls made from the ads.

We determined which action would best track meaningful online check-in conversions and implemented the code on First Care's website to capture relevant information while avoiding duplicate conversion counts.

Further, we also specified a specific length of call required to count as a conversion, rather than all calls in order to only count conversations that would be significant to creating conversions.

Reducing Cost Per Conversion

Once we had our conversion tracking optimized for all of First Care's campaigns, we were able to accurately track real conversion rates and cost per conversion for the account. As you can see in the chart below, we were able to increase the average conversion rate up to the 20% range, while significantly reducing the cost per conversion and maintain this strong performance over a period of time.

SEO Performance

Our primary goal with First Care Clinics is to make it easier for patients to access their high-quality urgent care services. One way that we aimed to increase accessibility for patients was to be available and appear in relevant Google searches and Maps listings.

Through a strong SEO strategy, we have been able to put First Care at the #1 organic position on Google SERPs in every market they serve for their primary search term. Not only does First Care display in the #1 organic search position, but they also rank in the organic Maps listing or display Google My Business information for each market in the #1 position as well.

Due to the outstanding ranking positions in organic results, First Care has seen an 89% increase in organic traffic in just 12 months.


Award-Winning Web Design

First Care needed an agency that could build a website that matched the mobile-first approach of their clients, keep their website up-to-date, and focus on the consistent growth and addition of locations. It was important that First Care offered a website that was easy to navigate, responsive, and featured a well-designed user experience for their patients.

Our work on First Care's responsive website even won a bronze award in the 2019 ADDY Awards presented by the American Advertising Federation of Knoxville for Responsive Website Design.