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Whitestone Inn

Bed & Breakfast website redesign and brand refresh

Whitestone Inn is a serene bed & breakfast in East Tennessee. The property rests along the shore of Watts Bar Lake, where guests can enjoy boating, canoeing, and fishing on the 39,000-acre lake. The Inn offers 23 unique suites among its buildings, where guests can relax and unwind. Whitestone offers a variety of amenities and recreation for guests to enjoy, including 8 miles of hiking trails, a heated pool and hot tub, tennis courts, disc golf, Whitestone Inn Restaurant, and more.


Whitestone is also a wonderful event venue for weddings, conferences, reunions, and more. The property features a gorgeous chapel as well as elegant outdoor spaces for weddings and receptions.

New Whitestone Inn website homepage on a desktop computer

Whitestone came to us near the end of 2019 with the goal of refreshing its brand identity. For decades, the inn was known as Whitestone Country Inn: a charming name for a charming bed and breakfast. However, the inn had recently undergone several renovations to modernize the suites, and the managers wanted the Whitestone brand to reflect the new, updated elegance of the property.


Additionally, the managers acknowledged that it was time to give the website a new look and more functionality. Guests were unable to book online, forcing them to call to make their reservations. Going into 2020, they needed an online booking solution to enhance their guests’ experience and start it out on the right foot.

What We Did

Logo Redesign

New Brand Identity

New Website

Google Ads

Logo Redesign

Logo options created for Whitestone Inn rebranding

Reimagining the color scheme and branding for a long-standing bed & breakfast is no small feat. On one hand, you want to better reflect the elegance of the Inn, yet you also want to remain true to the comfortable nature of Whitestone. Our designer, Mara, reimagined a variety of new logos and color schemes for the Inn. Once these concepts were created, we sent the mockup for the new site along with new logos to the client for their input. In the collection of logo designs, you can see that we started with conservatively changing the logo and progresses to designs further from the original. To our surprise. they fell in love with the design that was farthest from the original.

Mood Board & Website Mockup

Mood Board for new Whitestone Inn website

Once the new logo design was selected, Mara created the mockup for the new site to demonstrate the updated color scheme and fonts for the new site. Every detail of the design was chosen to further emphasize the elegance and beauty of Whitestone. The former Kelly Green color in the previous Whitestone colors was swapped with a soft Light Sage Green to better complement the gold colors. Delicate script fonts are utilized to bolster the theme.

After the mood board was created and the colors, fonts, and feel of the design were finalized, Mara moved on to creating the site mockup. Mara spent hours perfecting the design to give Whitestone the elegant design and layout that it had been missing with its outdated site.

​The mockup features the updated Whitestone logo and brings the updated color scheme and fonts to life. Mara couldn’t wait to build the new site and truly bring this design to life!

Building the New Website

After the mockup was approved, it was time to bring it to life! The new site design included a video header to demonstrate the outstanding beauty of the Whitestone property. With the help of our friends at Big Slate Media, we used flyover drone footage of the property and structures in the header to really liven up the home page.


​Fortunately, Whitestone already had a strong folder of photos of the property and amenities but needed some additions and updates. We shot updated photos of each suite, as well as common areas that hadn’t previously been featured on the website.


Once we had our pictures and videos, Mara was ready to bring it to life. More than 60 pages were redesigned and updated on the site. We also worked with staff at Whitestone to integrate a new online booking platform, as the former site lacked this functionality. We were thrilled to add this functionality to their site, as most guests nowadays expect this ability to conveniently book their stay in a few clicks.

Mockup for the new Whitestone Inn website

Managing Google Ads

Prior to the website redesign, we began managing PPC for Whitestone Inn. Through a mix of search and display ads, we’ve worked to promote the Inn via Google. We saw strong results prior to the rebrand and new site launch, but the results grew with the launch of the new site.


After launching the new website, conversions grew by about 4-5x and the average click-through rate doubled for search campaigns.


The results on Google following the website redesign further proves how crucial a strong website is across your digital marketing efforts.

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