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Tell it all, tell it first, tell it fast

Public Relations

Media and Press Services

You can rest assured that there are no spin doctors here–we tell the truth, tell it all and tell it fast. Whether your organization has something as simple as a news-worthy announcement, or as big as a crisis, our public relations professional can guide you in the right direction. Smarter Searches can provide your company with press releases, brand management, crisis communication, speech writing, and everything in between.


At Smarter Searches, we are not your average digital agency. We pride ourselves on providing a full range of services to our clients. Maybe your business has a brand new website, but you aren’t sure how to let people know about it? Smarter Searches can help. Or, maybe you need help planning an event? We can help with that, too! With everything from press releases to crisis communication, Smarter Searches wants to be your go-to for all your public relations and media relations needs.

What We Offer

Strategic Planning

Combined with our knack for corporate branding, Smarter Searches can help businesses employ strategic methods to meet their desired goals. So, whether it’s a matter of raising awareness, making an acquisition, or influencing public opinion, strategic planning for public relations-related issues can be extremely beneficial to businesses. For instance, if you need help creating a strategy to get the word out about a product, service, change or announcement your business has, Smarter Searches can help your organization strategically plan a way to achieve your goals.

Reputation Management

Whether fortunate or unfortunate, your reputation can say a lot about your organization. If that reputation is less than what you had in mind, let Smarter Searches help. If someone is saying poor or untrue things about your business online, on social media, or in online reviews, we can help your organization deal with, or respond to, those issues in a professional and appropriate manner. When you look good, we look good!

Crisis Communication

At Smarter Searches, we like to think of crisis communication as reputation management 2.0. Crisis communication is designed to protect and defend anyone facing a public challenge to its reputation at large. Smarter Searches also believes in being proactive, so even if things with your business are better than ever and everything is smooth as butter, we can help your organization develop a crisis communication plan – complete with possible crises and how to deal with them – to put into place in the instance that something were to ever go wrong.

Press Releases

A press release – sometimes referred to as a news release, media release, or press statement – is essentially the O.G. of public relations. Most companies are familiar with why they should be using press releases, but it is the how that people get lost on. Press releases are often written in an improper style and format, or are not submitted at the optimal time or place. Smarter Searches does all of our work in-house, so you can rest assured that our press releases are correctly styled and formatted, written with the press in mind, and optimized to appear in the search engine results.

Media Advisories

The more reclusive sibling of the press release – the media advisory is a lesser-known gem that is the perfect way to inform the press and media of an event that you would like them to cover. By providing the media with points, tips, and potential leads for your event, you can increase the chance of them finding it newsworthy, or worth reporting on. If you are unsure of how to write a media advisory or don’t have the resources to do so, Smarter Searches can construct a media advisory for you that will properly inform and entice media to your next event.

PR has an enormous impact on your digital presence and we use carefully planned social media, event planning, content and news creation, and more to highlight and feature your brand in the news in a positive way.

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