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Google Display Ads Best Practices

If you look closely, you’ll notice the Smarter Searches blog is filled with awesome expert-level tips, guides, and takes on the best ways to run advertisements on Google. The Google Ads platform consists of many varieties of campaign goals to help you reach your advertising objectives as well as several types of advertisements. The most common are search and display ads, so for today’s blog, we will dive into the best practices for running successful display ads!

To begin, let’s answer a basic question – what are display ads? 

Display ads are defined by Google as “visually engaging ads on the Google Display Network,” which contains sister companies like Youtube and Gmail. Essentially they consist of creative images with limited text that reach millions of users with minimal budget used. You can run display ads in responsive display campaigns, discovery campaigns, and remarketing campaigns. 

Best Practices for Display Ads

1. Upload Quality Images

When creating these ads, there are five sizes that Google can automatically readjust to fit any platform. This being said, choose three of the five sizes to make corresponding ads: 300 x 250, 728 x 90, 160 x 600, 320 x 50, and 300 x 600. You’ll want to use images that aren’t blurry, contain little empty space, and convey your message appropriately. These images should have minimal text overlay, 75 to 90 characters maximum. Otherwise, consumers will not spend the necessary time to digest your message. 

2. Take Advantage of Headlines

Responsive Display campaigns allow for up to five different headlines, each containing 30 characters, five descriptions containing up to 90 characters, and one long headline with 90 characters. We implore you to take advantage of these opportunities! Google will automatically optimize your display ads to show the highest performing combination of headlines and descriptions for the best CTR possible. Be sure to include promotions, descriptions of the product or service, and how your business is different!

3. Stay On Brand!

You should always utilize your brand or client’s unique fonts, colors, and logos. Incorporating these brand elements will allow consumers to become familiar with your company as an entity, which is a marketing concept referred to as brand identity. Off-brand color schemes and elements can cause confusion and develop a sense of distrust within consumers.

Display ads are a great way to reach new audiences and promote your brand but only when done correctly! It helps to have your creative director, graphic designer, or brand manager look over the final images before uploading them to the campaign. This will ensure the design matches your brand’s aesthetic. If designing and/or running ads isn’t in your wheelhouse, check out some of Smarter Searches’ work that shows real digital marketing results you can rely on! We’d be happy to help your business grow through display ads.

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