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Good UX is Important for Your Site

Why Good User Experience Is Important For Your Site

Have you ever opened a website that looks terrible and is impossible to navigate? Everyone has. In the modern digital world, if a website layout doesn’t make sense or isn’t aesthetically pleasing, users aren’t likely to stick around very long. User experience, or UX, is about the emotions and attitudes

Tracking Website Goals: GTM vs GTAG

Tracking Your Website Goals: The Difference Between GTM and GTAG

Tracking your website traffic is immensely important. Anytime you start working on a digital marketing initiative you must have a plan in place for how to measure it. Most of us use Google Analytics to track those results. However, with the major advances in analytics and tracking, your options on

Planning Your Marketing 2019 Blog Graphic

Essential Steps to Planning Your Marketing in 2019

2018 is rapidly coming to a close and I find myself wondering “how is it already almost Christmas” and “how is it almost 2019?” Regardless of the fact that I’m in my third decade and still haven’t figured out how time – or a calendar- works, it must be noted

Pubcon: Why I Go and Keep Coming Back

Why I Go to Pubcon – And Keep Coming Back

For the last two years I’ve made the long trek to Vegas to speak at Pubcon. Coming from Knoxville, Tennessee that’s a fairly lofty expense for a boutique marketing agency (especially since I brought two different team members this year). But the trip is incredibly valuable year after year, and

Top 15 Influential Educators in Digital Marketing

Top 15 Influential Educators in Digital Marketing

Exciting news, everyone!  I was just named one of the Top 15 Influential Educators in Digital Marketing!  This is huge – and not just because I have a big ego. Which I do. The list, written by Clayton Wood of, contains a list of some very awesome people doing

Spam Bots: The Enemy to Analytics

Your traffic is booming! Can you believe it? Traffic is up 30% month over month, with a 40% improvement the previous month.  In a word, your website is killing it. Except, strangely almost all your traffic seems to be referral, or at least the largest source is now, where previously