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6 Tips For People Who Work From Home

Working remotely can seem exciting and seem like the “easy way out” of having a job. However, when you have a lot of work that has to be done in a timely and high-quality manner, finding the motivation to work at home can be very difficult. Creativity can begin to weaken and problem-solving skills can start to diminish. There are ways to avoid this burnout of working from home, and we hope that you can apply these tips to your workday if you are a professional that works remotely. 

1. Switch up your scenery.

Even sitting at a desk in an office all day can cause major burnout and can decrease motivation. It is important to get a change of scenery every now and then. Consider either setting days of the week that you go work at your local coffee shop, or set goals so that once you accomplish X, you reward yourself by heading to that local coffee shop and treating yourself to a venti latte or yummy scone.

2. Stay active.

When you sit at your desk or on the couch all day, your blood is not flowing properly. You need proper blood flow to generate good ideas and quality thought processes. During the time you would typically be getting ready for work and driving to work, consider going outside for some exercise. You could take a jog in the park or even take a bike ride to your favorite coffee shop in the morning! 

3. Isolate yourself.

If there are other people roaming about the house when you are working from home, it can be very distracting. Even if they don’t engage in conversation with you, just seeing them buzz around the house can get your mind off track in a split second. Try to move your desk to an area of the house that is isolated and quiet.

4. Don’t let yourself go.

When you won’t be seeing anyone throughout the day, it is easy to assume you should get straight to work in your pajamas. The effort you put into your hygiene can actually make a significant difference in your productivity. Even if you won’t be coming in physical contact with anyone during the day, you should still shower, brush your teeth, brush your hair, and change your clothes. 

5. Log off for the day.

When no one is holding you accountable, it can be easy to catch yourself an hour deep into your Facebook or Twitter feed. Before you begin your work for the day, log off of your social media accounts. You will be much less distracted and much more productive throughout the day – we guarantee it.

6. Take a lunch break.

The typical hour lunch break during a nine-hour workday isn’t in place just for eating. It’s there to give you a chance to recharge, take a few minutes for yourself, and to get that change of scenery we mentioned earlier. Therefore, when you work from home, you need a lunch hour, too. Go out for lunch, or make a yummy lunch at home and eat on the back patio. Check your texts and social media if you’d like, but most importantly, take a break. You need one!


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