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Author: smartestsearch

The History of Digital Marketing

In most fields of study, there is historical knowledge of what came before. We know who invented the light bulb (thanks, Thomas Edison) and we know who invented the telephone and what he said on that first call (Alexander Graham Bell called his assistant and

World Emoji Day how to use emojis 2021 and what to add to your content calendar.

World Emoji Day 😉

There’s a holiday for everything these days and a hashtag to match it. National Sibling Day? Puppy Day? National Taco Day (a personal favorite around our office). What would the world be without emojis, though? So naturally, we have to have a World Emoji Day. 

Benefits of properly utilizing LinkedIn for your brand.

Benefits of Properly Utilizing LinkedIn

We recently had a client ask us to come up with a one-sheeter explaining the benefits of employees using LinkedIn to help their company. We thought this was a great idea, and after writing one up, we realized that this information is useful across the

4 Things Your Website's Homepage Really Needs

4 Things Your Website’s Homepage Really Needs

As a busy entrepreneur, you wear many hats; and if web designer is on that list, you know how overwhelming trying to build a website from scratch can be. You need to write all your content and organize it into pages, gather up your images,

iOS 14 Changes Good for People, Bad for Business Blog Graphic

iOS 14 Changes… Good For People, Bad For Business

Last summer, Apple announced a new privacy feature that would require all apps to ask for explicit permission to track a user. This is great! Right? No more creepy ads about what you were just thinking about (we’re sure you searched it somewhere, but we’ll

Digital marketing trends for 2021 blog graphic

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

The advertising and marketing industries are constantly changing, especially in the digital age. In order to stay competitive, it's important to stay up to date with the latest industry trends so that you’re able to reach potential new customers, while also staying relevant and true
Blog cover for "How to Stay Productive on Month 7 of Working from Home"

How to Stay Productive on Month Seven of WFH

If you feel like you have been unproductive or less motivated lately, we can promise you that you aren’t the only one. It is important to remember that we are on month seven of working from home in a global pandemic. This is the most