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How COVID-19 Pivoted Marketing Efforts

How COVID-19 Pivoted Marketing Efforts Across Industries

Our last blog covered some of the ways we expected the novel Coronavirus to affect businesses and their marketing efforts. Although it seems not long since that blog was posted, we have seen dramatic shifts happen rapidly across industries including restaurants, grocery stores, and retail.

December 11: National App Day

December 11: National App Day

The word “app” used to be an abbreviation for “application.” However, since the smartphone and digital era has revolutionized society, the word “app” has formed a new and individual meaning. In fact, according to the American Dialect Society, “app” was listed as Word of the

Social Listening Tactics

Cheyenne’s Accountability Corner: Social Listening

Happy March, everybody. Last month we touched based on our 2016 resolutions (and by the way, mine are going strong!), and I promised you a blog on social listening this month. So, what exactly is social listening? Social Listening is the practice on monitoring your

10 Reasons You Shouldn't Work For a Startup

10 Reasons You Should Definitely Not Work For A Startup

Startups are all over the place. Popping up overnight and taking the world by storm. But what’s so great about startups anyway? Should you be working for one, or should you just stay where you’re already comfortable, established even. Maybe. But maybe not. Regardless of

Blog post: why honest reviews are essential

Why Honest Reviews are Essential to Consumerism

Whether you’re shopping online or in aa brick-and-mortar store, using reviews and testimonials to make buying decisions is extremely helpful — that is, until they’re false, phony, or unreliable. This particular rant comes to you from the recent news that Amazon is suing 1,114 Fiverr

PUBCON 2015 Highlights

PubCon Highlights 2015

If your tickets are bought, your bags are packed, and you’re anything like us, then you’re probably brimming with excitement about PubCon 2015. SAME. Well, just like a type-A person wouldn’t go to a new restaurant without viewing the online menu first, you wouldn’t go

How to Make your Writing Newsworthy

How to Make Your Writing Newsworthy

Businesses often have upcoming events, news, or changes in the company that they want to share with the media. The problem, however, is how to convey the message to the media. This is where a lot of communications specialists and public relations professionals get a