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Social Listening Tactics

Cheyenne’s Accountability Corner: Social Listening

Happy March, everybody. Last month we touched based on our 2016 resolutions (and by the way, mine are going strong!), and I promised you a blog on social listening this month. So, what exactly is social listening? Social Listening is the practice on monitoring your digital media accounts for activity

Welcome to Cheyenne’s Accountability Corner

Hi, friends! I want to formally introduce you to my new blog series: Cheyenne’s Accountability Corner. We all know that one, slightly-annoying friend that remembers everything that ever happens and holds us accountable. Yeah, that’s me. It’s February already, so I feel compelled to check in with you all –

10 Reasons You Shouldn't Work For a Startup

10 Reasons You Should Definitely Not Work For A Startup

Startups are all over the place. Popping up overnight and taking the world by storm. But what’s so great about startups anyway? Should you be working for one, or should you just stay where you’re already comfortable, established even. Maybe. But maybe not. Regardless of your preconceptions, here’s my list

The Dangers of DIY Search Engine Marketing

Anyone can do their own taxes.  But that doesn’t mean anyone should. Any person can sell their own house.  Rarely does this lead to better outcomes than if a realtor listed it for you, though.  In a similar fashion, Google has made the AdWords interface easy to understand and work

PPC Automation

Automation in Your SEM Accounts

“Automate the monkey work.”  I’m sorry, what?!?!  I read that in an ad for an SEM automation tool today and was flabbergasted. Astonished. Shocked. Appalled.  The monkey work?  Really?  They consider creating keywords and ad copy to be monkey work. Amazing. No wonder so many of my clients are disillusioned

Choosing an SEM Agency

Choosing an SEM Agency

As an SEM professional, I strongly recommend that any company choosing to undertake search engine marketing campaigns seek the help of an agency.  However, all agencies are not made equal.  Take these tips under consideration when you decide to seek the services of an agency or consultant and consider how