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How COVID-19 Pivoted Marketing Efforts

How COVID-19 Pivoted Marketing Efforts Across Industries

Our last blog covered some of the ways we expected the novel Coronavirus to affect businesses and their marketing efforts. Although it seems not long since that blog was posted, we have seen dramatic shifts happen rapidly across industries including restaurants, grocery stores, and retail. This is an ever-changing situation,

4 steps to writing an engaging blog

4 Steps to Writing an Engaging Blog

PSA: You don’t have to be a skilled writer to create effective and engaging blog posts! Creating blog posts for your website is a great way to give your brand a personality and a voice; plus it enhances your SEO which will help increase traffic to your site. The idea

How to Get Started with Email Marketing

How to Get Started With Email Marketing

Take a second and think about your own email inbox. Do you receive emails from your favorite stores and brands? More likely than not, you receive quite a few each day. These could be newsletters, product updates, or flat-out sales promotions. You may even have an email or two from

Content Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

Whether you’re a marketing intern, blog specialist, or SEO guru, chances are you’re familiar with content and inbound marketing. Some professionals in the industry have argued that the terms are interchangeable, but there are some pretty key differences between the two. So what exactly separates the two? How are the

Repurposing Authentic Content Blog Graphic

Repurposing Authentic Content

Creating unique and well-developed content is legitimately difficult. But while getting over that first hurdle is crucial, it is only the first step in fulfilling all your content creation goals. Creating one great piece of content isn’t all that hard, especially if you have a content calendar and definitive strategy

Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page

Small Business Tips: Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook has more than 2 billion daily active users (as of 2017) with an average of 400 users signing up EVERY MINUTE. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, why wouldn’t you want to be where (all) the people are? With 2 billion customers at your fingertips, Facebook has become

The Digital Marketing Resolutions in 2018

5 Digital Marketing Resolutions You’ll Stick to in 2018

It’s January. For business owners, this month is for goal setting, reflecting on the previous year, and planning for the year ahead. What worked? What didn’t? How can you apply those lessons to your 2018 strategy? When you’re thinking about your goals this year, make sure you include digital marketing

12 Days of Christmas Digital Marketing Infographic

12 Days of Christmas: Digital Marketing

On Black Friday 2017, data from Adobe Digital Insights stated that “American shoppers spent a record $5 billion in 24 hours” — marking a 16.9% increase in dollars spent online, compared with Black Friday 2016. A big piece of that pie was the nearly $2 billion spent on mobile devices

Blogging for Business

Everything You Need to Know About Blogging for Business

Blogging. What started as a way to electronically keep track of one’s daily trials and tribulations has quickly expanded into an online force all of its own. Here’s what we mean: Blogging for your business presents a wide range of benefits like positioning yourself as an authority in your industry