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Tag: social media advertising

3 Reasons Facebook Advertising Should Be on Your Radar

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

With 81 percent of Americans on social media, it’s no secret that it is changing the landscape of marketing. Businesses know the importance of leveraging social to connect with audiences and promote their brands, and it’s pretty much essential for targeting millennials. None of this is news. However, social media

3 Ways to Leverage Pokemon Go For Business

3 Ways to Leverage Pokémon GO for Your Business

Pokémon GO has captured people’s hearts and phone screens in an astounding way. With 21 million active users daily, and over 6 million mentions on Twitter in less than a week, the mobile game’s popularity is creating new opportunities for advertisers, marketers, and business owners everywhere. While trends come and

Social Media For Non-Profits

More non-profits are taking to social media platforms to engage with their customers than ever. However, non-profits struggle with many of the same problems as small businesses – not enough budget, not enough manpower, not enough hours in the day. We recently consulted with the Make a Wish Foundation to