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5 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting

These days, most business owners know that a website is an essential component of a flourishing business. A website gives you control of your brand and content, allows you to show up in search engines, provides a platform for sharing testimonials and social proof, and, of course, enables you to

The History of Digital Marketing

In most fields of study, there is historical knowledge of what came before. We know who invented the light bulb (thanks, Thomas Edison) and we know who invented the telephone and what he said on that first call (Alexander Graham Bell called his assistant and said “Mr. Watson, come here.

What i've learned from my internship at Smarter Searches by Jessica.

What I’ve Learned During My Internship

During my time as a digital marketing intern for Smarter Searches, I’ve had the opportunity to advance many of my digital marketing skills and experience what it’s like to work remotely as part of a team. As my internship is coming to an end, I thought I should reflect on

How to Handle a Negative Review Online

How to Handle a Negative Review Online

One of the unfortunate aspects of running a business is that you likely won’t be able to please every customer or they might not love every aspect of your business. As the use of social media has continued to increase, so has customer reliance on reviews and testimonials. So, how

All I Want For Christmas is You to Have a Better Digital Strategy

All I Want For Christmas Is You (To Have A Better Digital Strategy)

Black Friday for 2019 was a record-breaking year as both online and in-store figures rose over 2018’s numbers. Data from 2019 also demonstrates that more consumers than ever are comfortable with shopping and getting their deals on the go, as the number of shoppers using their smartphones increased dramatically.  Data

4 Reasons Why You Should Use A/B Testing

4 Reasons Why You Should Use A/B Testing

Before we tell you why you should use A/B testing, you should first understand what it is. A/B testing is a method which helps businesses measure and achieve different types of goals (i.e. increase conversion rates), by comparing two versions of a webpage against each other. Making one small change

Psychological Insights to Improve Marketing

Brain Power: Psychological Insights That Will Improve Your Marketing

Understanding your audience is one thing…but understanding the psychology of the human brain, even in marketing, will yield even greater results for your business. Here’s what you need to know. The Brain is Wired to Act Impulsively Increased levels of the brain’s “feel good” juice, dopamine, have been found to

4 Ways to Reach Gen Z in 2018

Staying In The Loop: 4 Ways To Reach Generation Z in 2018

Just when the marketing world has finally begun to understand millennials, a new generation is just around the corner. Generation Z, those born after 1996, is predicted to be the largest group of consumers by the year 2020 and reach a buying power of 44 million by the year 2025.