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Tag: Digital Marketing

Social media in 2022.

Social Media in 2022

Courtney talked about marketing in general in 2022, what we should expect, what we can predict, and what we should focus on. I’m going to dig into social media specifically for the purpose of this blog.  Let’s start with what Courtney touched on: privacy and new issues with tracking. By

National app day December 11th

National App Day

These days, there’s a “National Day” for everything. There’s also an app for everything. So, on December 11th, we celebrate National App Day and all of the options, helpful information, and simple entertainment we receive from apps.  The first iPhone was released in 2007, and that was basically the beginning

Ongoing PPC Google Ad maintenance.

Set It & Forget It: PPC Facts and Myths

Managing pay-per-click campaigns outwardly seems like a digital marketing task that you don’t necessarily need to watch like a hawk. And for many business owners and directors with tasks piling up one by one, this notion is very appealing! But once you get the bird’s eye view of how PPC

How to manage multiple social media accounts for clients.

From Mockup to Launch: Apex Custom Furniture

It’s another launch day here at Smarter Searches! Today’s launch is for Apex Custom Furniture, a luxury RV furniture designer based here in Knoxville. The Project Apex is a family-owned and operated business that was established in 2018. The Cox family has over 100 years of combined experience in the

How to manage multiple social media accounts for clients.

Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

As a digital marketing agency, we have many clients who have different needs and different services that we provide. As I handle the social media accounts for each of our clients, I wanted to share my top tips on the best ways to tackle such a diverse client base and

The most common social media mistakes businesses make.

Are You Making These Common Social Media Mistakes?

Social media is an important part of any company’s marketing strategy, but there must be a plan in place for it to be successful. Many people think that social media is easy and can be handled internally, which in some cases is true, and in others, it is so false.

Content marketing strategy and tips for 2022

Content Marketing Strategy Tips for 2022

As CEO of a digital marketing agency and adjunct professor of marketing at the Haslam School of Business, content marketing is one of my most commonly discussed topics. It often needs to be “demystified” because so many things fall under the content marketing umbrella – social posts, blogs, websites, microsites,

Low cost digital marketing solutions

Lower Cost Digital Marketing Solutions

Smaller local companies and startups often look for ways to cut costs more than the mega corporations everyone knows about, but no matter what size your business is, saving money is always a good idea. One great area of business to save in while also investing back into your company

The six types of content marketing

The 6 Types of Content Marketing

If you’ve landed on this post, I’m assuming a few things about you. Number One: you might be new to the world of marketing. Number Two: you’ve been searching for a more straightforward answer as to what exactly content marketing is. Or Number Three: you need help getting your business’s

What you need to know before building your website

What You Need to Know Before Building a Website

Last month, we gave you a peek behind the curtain and into our website design process from discovery call to launch. Today, we’re taking you deeper into step two of the process: content preparation.  When you partner with us to build your website, there are a few bits and pieces