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Tag: technology

Live Chat 101 Blog Graphic

Marketing With Live Chat

How many times have you gotten into an issue with a company and wanted to deal with the issue right then, in real-time? I know I have. Here are a few examples I’ve dealt with recently. Problem: When we moved into a new office, I ordered a desk chair. When

History of Women in Tech

Women’s History Month: Tech Edition

Have you ever heard of Ada Lovelace? If you said no, you’re probably not alone. What about Grace Hopper? No again? Well, what about Steve Jobs? Steve Wozniak? Bill Gates? The last three are almost all undoubtedly yeses. As we round out the end of March, another Women’s History Month

High Fashion Meets High Tech

One of my favorite topics in marketing is luxury branding.  Some of my favorite campaigns have been for luxury goods and I think the approach a marketer has to take to capture the attention of the luxury consumer is fascinating.  Pricing, packaging, PR, reputation management, they all work together when