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Tag: consumer behavior

The Secret to Listening to Your Customers

The Secret to Listening to Your Customers

There’s a saying that we have two ears and one mouth and we should use them proportionally. And yet, how often does that actually seem to happen in marketing? Marketing truly has little to do with sales, it’s about being helpful. When you’re establishing a digital strategy – or any

How has COVID changed consumer behavior

How COVID Has Irreparably Changed Consumer Behavior

COVID changed how we did most things. Streaming usage soared across nearly all platforms – Netflix, YouTube, and Facebook video views were all up between 15 and 30%. Video chats dramatically increased – Zoom usage alone tripled. Video games served as a distraction during quarantines with Twitch streaming up 20%.

The Mid-Year Website Check-in

The Mid-Year Website Check-In: 3 Helpful Tools You Need to Know About

It’s officially July. WHAT is happening? 2020 is already halfway over, and the list of things I’ve accomplished this year is…well, underwhelming. I’m sure many of you would agree. Maybe you’re feeling distracted and unmotivated at work. Maybe the clients just aren’t rolling in like they used to and business