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Pubcon: Why I Go and Keep Coming Back

Why I Go to Pubcon – And Keep Coming Back

For the last two years I’ve made the long trek to Vegas to speak at Pubcon. Coming from Knoxville, Tennessee that’s a fairly lofty expense for a boutique marketing agency (especially since I brought two different team members this year). But the trip is incredibly valuable year after year, and

5 Networking Tips for Introverts

5 Networking Tips for Introverts

Not all of us are naturals at small talk, but at networking events, mastering this skill is key and can lead to fruitful business relationships. Networking is a great opportunity to mingle, but for an introvert, this reality may seem nerve wracking…but, have no fear, we’ve compiled a list of

What to Pack for a Digital Conference

What To Pack For A Digital Conference

There’s an old saying that people tend to pack an hour before leaving for a trip and unpack three months after getting home. Don’t let this be you. At Smarter Searches, we want you to digital smarter, think smarter, and packsmarter. Let’s run through some tips to help make your

Top 15 Influential Educators in Digital Marketing

Top 15 Influential Educators in Digital Marketing

Exciting news, everyone!  I was just named one of the Top 15 Influential Educators in Digital Marketing!  This is huge – and not just because I have a big ego. Which I do. The list, written by Clayton Wood of, contains a list of some very awesome people doing